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Sweet Fellowship

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Good Monday everyone and blessings to you.

I began to weep yesterday during church services as I looked around at others whose hands were raised in praise to our God. I felt so blessed that I was not alone in this. Not that I wouldn't worship or lift my hands alone if I had to, but I realized just how much God has blessed us in this thing. I often find myself praising God for letting me be in a country where I do not have to fear raising my hands in praise to the Name of Jesus, and that I have so many others to gather with. When I think of how many of our brothers and sisters have to meet in secret and often times they can't get together at all, it saddens me. But then I rejoice in the knowledge that even though it may be difficult for them to gather, they can gather and praise God together. They can gather and minister to one another. We can pray for them and they for us, we can give and go and minister to their needs. We, as a whole are the body of Christ and God has given us a tremendous gift, He has given us each other.

As I thought more on this throughout the day, my thoughts were taken back to a conversation that took place between myself and several other people here in the Growing in Christ forum. Someone asked a question about full submission to God and as each of us answered we found that what one of us did not say, one of the others managed to say. By the end of the discussion there was much rejoicing in the sweet fellowship that had just taken place. We discovered that not one of us alone can do or say the exact right thing, either we had difficulties putting it into words or we simply got so focused one aspect of the discussion that we accidently left out other important things, yet someone else always managed to make up for that!

Thinking on these things caused me to expand further on the idea of how we bless one another. Each of us has a gift to be used to minister to the body of Christ. Some of us have the gift of giving. Some of us have building skills and love to travel. Others are teachers, others exhorters, others encouragers, some of us are healers, some prophets, some are wise and still there are more! But ultimately we all are equally important to the body. For without the help of one, the other is weak, and together we are stronger. What a great blessing God has given us, to give us each other.

When I think of our brothers and sisters in prisons or forced into marriages (or slavery) against their will due to their faith in Christ, I think how awful it must be for them to be so alone. But praise be to our God, though some of us may be alone, they are not fully alone in that we pray for them and God is with them. God has not made us to be alone, He has made us to be jointly fit together in full unity with one another as one body. Before He became Man, God knew it is not good that man should be alone; for two is better than one, and a threefold cord is not easily broken, and how can one be warm alone. They have a better reward for their labor and if one fall, the other is there to lift him up. Just being able to be in the presence of other believers in praise is such a blessing to us that sometimes I can't help but praise Him over what seems to be so simple and common! Oh the wisdom of our God! What kindness and faithfulness our God has shown toward us, for even in the beginning He knew we would need each other, so He made two! Oh the sweet fellowship of unity in Christ.

(Edited slightly since this was an email I sent out to group of people I used to go to bible study with and didn't feel the need to give the name of the forum.)

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