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Under Cover: Starting off

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The book seems to be mainly about autority, especially about obedience to authority. John Bevere is saying that there is a reward (protection and freedom) in accepting and submitting under authority. I know this to be the truth. It is clear that he intends to show how to do this. I have read the introduction and the first section of the second chapter. Already I have a few things I am wondering about which I suspect might be answered as I go on reading. But I will pose them anyway so that I can track these themes as they come up. I will post these things later on today still.

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Under Cover


  1. -SEEKING-'s Avatar
    [B][COLOR="#4B0082"]One word of caution. I remember once in our old church, everyone was big on "Spiritual Authority". It really turned out to be Spiritual Manipulation. Be careful my young friend. Sometimes the ones we submit to, don't realize they submit to someone as well. And sadly some will take advantage of those that submit to them. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone. But be careful. [/COLOR][/B]
  2. 14390876's Avatar
    Yes, that was going to be one of my questions actually. John Bevere is obviously talking about legitimate authority and says so too. But of course the logical question then is, what constitutes legitimate authority and how does one recognize it. So yes, that is actually a point I would like to discuss in detail.
  3. -SEEKING-'s Avatar
    [B][COLOR="#800080"]You may want to start a thread about it. I'm sure you'd get more input that way. It would make for a great discussion. Just a thought.[/COLOR][/B]
  4. -SEEKING-'s Avatar
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]I've been thinking about your question. There is really no legitimate authority other than to God Himself. There is no human person that can have authority over us. Spiritually speaking. Even the apostle Paul never pulled out his "authority" card on people. I think many people do not really understand the authority issues. [/COLOR][/B]