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By Avalanche and Bullhorn

50. Bible Study Interim 8 on 16 Mar 12

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This week I was able to visit a city and do some walking around. The parking garage was a distance away from the destination so I was able to walk several blocks to the area I was to visit. While walking, I had crossed a street and an older lady was standing on the curb on the side I crossed over too. She asked, “Has the light changed so I can cross?” Or something like that. I looked up and saw only a stop sign. I looked down at the cane she had and saw that it was a white cane with a red end. Not the type for those who are totally blind but the type for a person who is nearly blind.

I informed her that the street only had a stop sign and that no cars were coming down the street. I then asked her if she’d allow me to help her cross safely. She told me that she’s like the help. I placed my hand on her right shoulder and walked with her as she crossed the road. She was thanking me as we walked together and she explained that she lives in the apartments down the next block across the main road. I offered to help her across the main road as well and once the traffic cleared, I helped her across. Once safely across I told her that I had to catch up with the group I was with and said God Bless you, to her. The smile and returned blessing was… a blessing.

So here I am sitting in my backroom thinking of that lady.

To offer a helping hand to a person in need is such a blessing. The Bible tells us to store up riches in heaven and not to worry about storing up riches here on earth. Yet the richness of being able to help a person is a blessing that God DOES give to us to enjoy while we are here on earth.

So many Christians I have listened to ask how are they to “feel” God in their life. Some wonder why God is SO silent in their lives as they don’t see anything manifest in their life that is of God. I’ve asked them what they mean, and the usual answer is that they see others so joyful and on fire for God. How they do love God but they aren’t on fire or that they don’t feel Him present or see how He’s moving in their life.

Well, my usual question in return is what have they done “for” God lately?

The point I’m to make is this… if you want to “see” God moving in your life, then YOU NEED TO MOVE first, so God can do what needs to be DONE, through you. As you do this, you will be doing God’s work and if you do ministry daily, then you will see God move… daily. As you are willing to do work, God will use you more and more and some work may even require supernatural empowerment as the Holy Spirit gives this empowerment.

Willingness to do work must come first from you and then this ignites a fire and births joy. Then as work is done, the flames increase and the joy fills you up. Stop the work and the flames decrease and the joy goes away.

I’ve even talked with Christians who say they were SO ON FIRE for God and the joy was overflowing. Then they stopped doing the work (for whatever the reason) and they are now saying they want that fire back, they want that joy back… yet they are not willing to make sacrifice to do the work of God.

When you decide to work, the flames will ignite and the joy will fill you back up as God is once again able to do HIS WORK through you.

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