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By Avalanche and Bullhorn

55. Comment(s) about Worship

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I was reading through a friend's Blog this past January when he posted a blog concerning what Christians "like" about a church that makes or breaks the decision they may make in not attending, or in leaving a church, for another. I commented on the "Worship" portion of his blog and I happened to come upon those comments tonight as I browsed through all the many blogs entrees... here are my comments:

~In the church that God presently has me serving Him, when I first got there, the worship team was 3 people. The worship leader used a tambourine and also stomped her foot on the floor for a beat. The other two singers harmonized with the lead worshiper. We couldn’t afford a sound board, cd player etc to even do tracks.

During those first few months at the church, the worship was some of the best I’ve ever experienced because people were worshipping. We didn’t have instruments (cept the tambourine and a floor, clapping hands)… all we had was a voice to lift up to God and when the worship comes from the heart… it don’t matter if there was nothing BUT voices. It was during this period of time I actually experienced what “real” worship was all about. I’ll be straight up, for me it was the style and type of music... before this lesson that God taught me.

It is sad that it is so very clear that if a worship leader leaves a church and/or the “style” of service changes and a person or family leaves soon after because they can’t worship anymore… they were never worshiping God in the first place. They were worshiping a sound/style that they liked and this brought them an “EMOTIONAL” fulfillment. I say this based on myself and what worship was for me before that lesson from God.

Worship is all about God and the fulfillment is “SPIRITUAL”! Sure, when we are spiritually fulfilled there is sometimes “emotional” manifestation, such as crying our eyeballs out, jumping, dancing, crying out praise to God, hands raised up in praise and surrender to God… etc

Even when there is a pause between songs, the WORSHIP should not pause if people are actually “WORSHIPING” God! Adoration to God don’t take a break and pause when a song ends and there is that pause before the next begins. Adoration begins and ends with God, not with the music, not with the songs, not with the type of music… worship is led by the Holy Spirit, not the worship leader. The worship leader is nothing but the vessel and the Holy Spirit will use any instrument, any voice, any style of music, to bring us in the adoration of God.~

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