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Think Pink!

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Every year after Christmas I take some time to sit quietly before the Lord and reflect what He has done in my life in the past year.
This year I realized that He has helped me to nurture some friendships. I have always had a lot of friends but I never really let anyone be my friend..I was theirs. I concentrated this year on not only being a friend but allowing others to be a friend to me.
Three of my friends helped me in amazing ways with my daughter's wedding this summer. I am so thankful that I let them be there for me.
So 2008...I sat and I thought with the Lord and then I said "..Lord this year I am going to "think pink"...I am going to embrace who I am as a woman. I am going to concentrate on my physical appearance..mentally and spiritually...Proverbs 31:26-"She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness..."
I am going to get some pink clothes and pink socks and be a real girly girl..after all, I am a princess, a child of the King!

I would love to invite other women to "think pink" with me this year...

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  1. cheech's Avatar
    Good idea Karen! I was like that for a long time...doing for others and being their friend but not allowing them to do for me and be my friend. Friendship goes both ways.

    I'll go along with ya...just don't make me wear pink! I don't look good in pink. I'll wear black with black shades that make me look oh so cool! Ok...a brighter color...light brown maybe .
  2. miepie's Avatar
    I'm all for it Karen! I'm joining you! I already have pink clothings (in the daytime I only wear pj's and nightgowns as I am on the bed anyway, and I have a lot of pink in my collection already, just bought 2 pink pj's)........ and Charles always calls me his sweet babygirl so thinking pink is not a bad idea at all!
    Thanks for the suggestion and a happy think pink year to you!

    Love you girl,
  3. ChristsCourage's Avatar
    Can us guys think blue? Or how bout: Do BLUE? I want to do things for my appearence. I look like dirt right now. Tell me what kind of things to do, and, I will do them.
  4. karenoka27's Avatar
    When I say it is going to be a "think pink" year for is much more than thinking yes if you are a guy you can "think blue!"

    I am going to take a year to really take care of myself. I haven't had that privilege for a lot of years in raising my children. I have neglected myself, weight wise and in other things. I want to know and appreciate the person that the Lord has created me to be, inwardly and outwardly.
    Think orange if you would like...! call it what you want..but I am excited about this part of my journey. I will "think" about my words that I use, I will think about even my thoughts..I really want to see me in God's eyes....praying many of you will too!