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Lords of the Night

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Lords of the Night

As the sun sinks behind buildings and meadows;
When darkness moves in and the lesser lights rule -
Lone figures scurry and slink in the shadows
Mangy and starving they search, sniff and drool.

During the day they rest and they slumber
Seeking a spot in the sun or the shade;
Once it is dark and the sun has gone under
They run in packs for protection and aid.

Shadowy figures; thin, supple and sly
Scavenging; searching from sunset 'till dawn -
So do they live, and so will they die;
Homeless and hopeless; forgotten; forlorn.

In the dark shadows they live and they roam -
Some with their friends; others alone.
Survival a struggle; a desperate fight;
They are the ladies and lords of the night.

Lost souls who wander the dark streets of life
Searching for answers 'midst crisis and storm;
Living lives filled with confusion and strife
Unhallowed spirits; hopeless; forlorn.

In the night's shadows they have made a home -
Some live with friends; others alone.
Wrestling against the Truth and the Light;
These are the ladies and lords of the night.

by Belinda van Rensburg

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  1. IMINXTC's Avatar
    Very moving poetry! I love this - mindful of inner-city ministry.