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Declaring the Promises, the Essence of Intercession

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When I first became an Intercessory Missionary in June 2007, I had a little experience with intercessory prayer. I knew I enjoyed the prayer meetings that my church held. I had learned what it meant to stand in the gap for my loved ones and to seem them saved, set free, and set on fire. But, those prayer meetings lasted for about 2 hours but we were always changing focus. But, It was enabling me to learn how to pray. It taught me how to cry out to God for revival.
The one problem I had with prayer was I didnít know Godís heart. I knew he wanted itÖ I just didnít know how bad. How come I was always in a position like I was trying to bargain with him? I felt like many times that I was in prayer that I hated to do it because I didnít know how God felt about what I was praying and I would feel discouraged. I kinda felt detached from God. I was viewing God as detached from the situation on earth. I almost had the mindset that I cared about this world more than he did. Thatís heresy if you ask me now.
Then, one day, God tells me to join the House of Prayer. Now they have this wonderful system known as the Harp and Bowl which is taken out of Revelation 5 where the worship of the angels, and the intercession of Jesus is accompanied by the 24 elders each having a harp which is worship and golden bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the saints. In heaven worship and intercession flow as one river. They are one and the same.
While at the House of Prayer, God wounds my heart on the issue of his heart concerning the nation of Israel. Now, this really get to me. Because I know God likes Israel but I really never thought of it much. It never really struck me that he likes Israel that much. I eventually got to the place where I was the prayer leader for the Israel set and I was pumped. Because I had done it a couple of times as a replacement and I enjoyed it. But I had no idea what to do. I really didnít know how to pray for Israel without sounding like I was bargaining with God. It seemed to me like I had more of a heart for Israel than God which is borderline blasphemous. But I had to be honest with myself. But one day I came to a realization of what intercession was when I changed the Israel set into a worship with the word on Isaiah 62. That was the first breakthrough.
The second breakthrough for me through intercession came during a prayer meeting where we were praying Godís blessings upon one of our Cyruses. We were kind of tired of trying to get new visions and new promises for him and we were kind of worn out and looking forward to the end of the meeting. But my friend reminded us that we need to pray through the promises we already have for him. 1 Timothy 1:18 says that we are to wage the good warfare according to the prophecies. I put that to the test for another prayer meeting I was in and it was one of the most enjoyable prayer times I have ever experienced. I felt like I was truly partnering with God with what he had said and I was calling it forth. It was true prophetic intercession and I all I was doing was speaking back Godís word to him! WowÖ
We know that God is not a man that he should lie nor a son of man that he should repent (Numbers 23:19) and that his word when itís sent out will not return void but will accomplish the thing for which he sent it (Isaiah 55 10-11). So we have confidence in his promises and in his word. His word is more than a book, itís a promise spoken over our lives. When you are prophesied over you arenít to be flippant over it. Call it forth. Donít assume itís going to happen. Call it forth in your life. Agree with God according to that prophetic word. He will bring it to pass if you agree with him for he will not force your calling upon you, you have to surrender and accept it. Never assume that just because God said, you donít have a part it will happen anyway, you in a sense deny the promise when you donít take it to the prayer closet. Itís like you donít remember it before the one who spoke it over you. Donít forget the promises. Remind God of them in prayer, declare to God his word, he loves it! Heís got watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem for that purpose (Isaiah 62:6-7). When you declare his word, you declare the very essence of who he is, a God who keeps his promises and who remembers covenant. When you are down, the best thing I find that will lift your spirits is to remember the promises given you by God. Whether they are in the Bible or spoken over you. So I encourage you, my readers to remember the promises given you by God. For his word will not return void and heís not a man that he should lie.
Blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ who makes all things new!

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