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    Canons of Dort First Main Point Article 7

    Thread Starter: Christinme

    When we talk about this Article I expect we will be touching a number of the other Articles in the First Main Point since many of them are related/overlapping. I am starting with this one though because I think we need to explore the concept of...

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    it doesn't work

    Thread Starter: pawzisme

    intercessory prayer - it doesn't work, not for me. Don't tell me 'you have to believe'. Been there, done that, got all the scriptures. And it gets worse. The 'voice' which is really an awareness of something said which comes into your...

    Last Post By: Christinme Today, 12:19 PM Go to last post

    new poster

    Thread Starter: pawzisme

    Hello, I am a happily married and older lady living in UK to a lovely man who shares my beliefs. I have been a 'committed Christian' for about 32 years, meaning that is when I started going to church, but have known the Lord from childhood.

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    Where is the church now?

    Thread Starter: Aijalon

    In connection with Boo's post, and episkopos' post on where is Jesus now.... I thought this question would be worth looking into as well. The church, scripturally speaking is "the body of Christ" and the body of Christ is made of many members,...

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    Did Jesus Obey God?

    Thread Starter: RalfThomas

    Did Jesus obey God? Your answer? YES - Jesus obeyed God. NO - Jesus did not obey God.

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    Some good advice.

    But how do we carry it out. Hello I have split this blog post into two sections one audio and the other written below ... please listen to the audio first to keep it in context ... Some good...

    Jan 29th 2015 12:06 PM

    Christ like behaviour.

    Hello writing can be a hazardous thing when we can say too much ... we must consider others who need to be protected because they might not want to be mentioned ... I woke in the middle of the night...

    Jan 24th 2015 02:08 PM
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