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    A Pearl of Wisdom

    Wonderful brother, just wonderful! Go to last post

    bluesky22 Jan 22nd 2017 08:17 AM
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    till all these things be done

    Thread Starter: divaD

    This of course is referring to the following passage. Mark 13:30 Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. Those that hold a Preterist position in regards to this verse, they tend to mainly...

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    Were You Saved By God's Grace or By His Justice?

    Thread Starter: ICONBUSTERS

    The purpose of this post is to bring clarity to an issue long misunderstood. May God be glorified by this post which is written in a spirit of respect, humility and love of the truth. Were you saved by Godís grace or by His justice? I ask this...

    Last Post By: Pbminimum Yesterday, 11:25 PM Go to last post
    Uncle Bud

    How Long / How Often ?

    Thread Starter: Uncle Bud

    How long has it been since you have heard about a clear conversion experience in the United States? Do you ever hear of new converts in the UK or Europe? How often do you hear about them? By new converts, I mean people right out of the world, not...

    Last Post By: little watchman Yesterday, 11:07 PM Go to last post

    Biblical meanings of the words "flesh" and "body".

    Thread Starter: rom826

    Just trying to understand these two words better from a biblical standpoint. A lot of time, when speaking English, we use the words "body" or "flesh" interchangeably. Yet when reading the bible, they don't seem to have the same meaning. In the...

    Last Post By: CadyandZoe Yesterday, 10:50 PM Go to last post
    Tony P

    The Two Harvests of Revelation 14

    Thread Starter: Tony P

    Revelation 14:14 Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and on the cloud sat Onelike the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle. 15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to Him...

    Last Post By: Jesuslovesus Yesterday, 10:36 PM Go to last post
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    The Importance of Proper Translation

    Our Bibles are translations, not inspired Scriptures. No matter how valuable they are for us who don't read the original languages (Chaldee, Hebrew and Greek) and no matter how well the translaters...

    Jan 21st 2017 04:09 PM
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    1. God created all, as stated in Genesis; fully formed creations, reproducing after their kind. (Votes: 44)

    2. God created all, using macro-evolution. Simple organisms to man over millions of years. (Votes: 3)

    3. Multiple Gods/entities (who we don't know anything about) created everything we see. (Votes: 0)

    4. We were seeded by aliens from another area of the universe or dimension. (Votes: 0)

    5. We don't know what created us and the universe. Some unknown force is behind all reality. (Votes: 0)

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    Who is the Restrainer? (Votes: 5)

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