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    New board, New Software

    I inadvertently on purpose created a “web” published “book”

    It has an index:;:
    A table of... Go to last post

    vinceteal Oct 22nd 2016 02:16 AM
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    Songs that are lifting you up right now

    Thread Starter: Slug1

    Even though I titled this thread concerning songs that are lifting you up right now... this song BROKE me down so much last night, all that was left was for God to step in and then lift me up. God is Good! Casting Crowns - Jesus, Hold me now ...

    Last Post By: mailmandan Today, 06:10 PM Go to last post

    Does Israel's future restoration *require* the Law?

    Thread Starter: randyk

    Among those who believe in a future restoration of Israel some believe there is a separate covenant with Israel, as opposed to a general covenant Christ has made with the entire Church? Some feel that this separate covenant with Israel is the...

    Last Post By: CadyandZoe Today, 06:05 PM Go to last post

    Military to begin providing gender reassignment surgery

    Thread Starter: Sojourner

    The American taxpayer will now foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery for transgender military personnel who desire it. In fact, anyone who wants the surgery need only do a hitch in the service to get it. Considering the cost of the surgery,...

    Last Post By: Athanasius Today, 05:54 PM Go to last post

    The O.C. Law in the Millennium

    Thread Starter: randyk

    There have been varying opinions among Christians in history regarding the role of the Mosaic Law in the New Testament era. Many of us believe in a future Millennial era in which Israel and the Christian nations will obtain their ultimate...

    Last Post By: Tony P Today, 05:51 PM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: alewiscii

    Romans 8:11-17 Controlled by the Holy Spirit means to be enlightened, filled and led by God. Enlightened means to be illuminated, instructed, informed, furnished with clear views. Filled means to be supplied with abundance. Gal 5:22-23 ...the...

    Last Post By: Stew Ward's Hip Today, 05:39 PM Go to last post
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    checking in 10-24-16

    As I mentioned in the prayer section, several more people I know have been diagnosed with some form of cancer. - I'm wanting to eventually have a discussion about Shem, Ham, and Japheth, but...

    Today 03:25 PM

    90. Thought for the day...

    Just posted on Facebook. Thought for the day after reading John 6:1-14... When you pray to God for purpose and for guidance in how you are to serve Him. DO NOT be deterred from His work...

    Oct 18th 2016 02:57 PM
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