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    Is Revelation chronological?

    Thread Starter: randyk

    Just asking the question.... Of course you have an opening and a closing, and you have a number of visions, each one that may contain elements of history. And an historical account naturally progresses from beginning to end. But overall does the...

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    Noah' Great Flood - The Mystery

    Thread Starter: seve

    The idea that Noah brought a lot of animals is UnScriptural. The total number could easily have been less than a thousand creatures. There was no need to bring creatures which were created from the water on the 5th Day, Gen 1:21 since those same...

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    Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

    Thread Starter: Trivalee

    Like many, I continue to wonder what became of the Ark of the Covenant? The last reference to the Ark is in 2 Chron 35:1-6 under king Josiah. John saw visions of an Ark in heaven in Rev 11:19; this raises the question whether it is the same one...

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    Thread Starter: chad

    Why do some people believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased after the Apostles died?

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    Tony P

    Bible prophecy business idea

    Thread Starter: Tony P

    Can the study of Bible prophecy lead to a way to make some extra money? Yes! 2 Timothy 3:1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers,...

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    The right ...

    The right ... You have the right to visit read listen and go ... Its to Jesus to whom you should go ... I plant a seed that one day will grow their you go ... bye and bye the time will come when...

    Jun 29th 2016 03:45 AM
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    What Do YOU Believe? (Votes: 33)

    1. God created all, as stated in Genesis; fully formed creations, reproducing after their kind. (Votes: 30)

    2. God created all, using macro-evolution. Simple organisms to man over millions of years. (Votes: 3)

    3. Multiple Gods/entities (who we don't know anything about) created everything we see. (Votes: 0)

    4. We were seeded by aliens from another area of the universe or dimension. (Votes: 0)

    5. We don't know what created us and the universe. Some unknown force is behind all reality. (Votes: 0)

    6. I don't know what I believe, I am still on the fence. (Votes: 0)

    7. It does not matter what you believe, I don't care. (Votes: 0)

    How does the reign of the Anti-Christ fit with the wrath of God? (Votes: 10)

    1. AC gets 42 months of free reign, then wrath (Votes: 6)

    2. AC begins his reign in the middle of the wrath (Votes: 1)

    3. AC and the wrath start at the same time (Votes: 3)

    4. AC begins his reign after the wrath (Votes: 0)

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