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    Artificial Intelligence and the End Times?

    Thread Starter: Ceegen

    This is going to sound a little weird... But after having a really vivid dream and talking with awestruckchild about it, things just sort of "clicked" into place. + Life (Strongs G4151); "pneuma", the spirit, i.e. the vital principal by which...

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    What is the end of the Old Covenant?

    Thread Starter: randyk

    The Prophet Jeremiah spoke of the coming of a New Covenant, which I believe is completely fulfilled when Christ returns. However, I also believe that the New Covenant was *legally* introduced at the death of Christ, making the Old Covenant outdated,...

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    Is God going to send us the third Elias (Elijah) before Jesus second coming?

    Thread Starter: PraiseGod

    Are we expecting to meet the third Elias (Elijah) to prepare the way before Jesus returns for us (Malachi 4:5) If that is so I am seriously considering the prophet David Owuor could be him considering his ministry all over the world thus far. And...

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    Humans Lived with Dinosaurs + G E N E S I S Issues Part 2

    Thread Starter: bluesky22

    Hello brothers and sisters. I have some new exciting material. Coming soon... Please post anything you want, all are welcome.:) Every view point is welcomed. All questions are welcomed.

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    hello all

    Thread Starter: Rickb

    Came upon this site last night and after reading awhile decided to signup! I am a Christian without any doubt, but I notice at times my way of seeing things and someone else's may be quite different But in our walk we all have different...

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