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    Five Questions for NOSAS part 2

    Thread Starter: BrianW

    Mod Note: This is part two of the thread that can be found here: Feel free to post quotes or links from the old thread to this new thread in order to continue the conversation.

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    Will Islam be the one world religion?

    Thread Starter: HappyEndings

    Ok, found an old thread but can't add to it so I thought I would start another. I was studying Daniel and came across this video it is quite long but very interesting. I never agree that the 10 toes would be the European Union but 10 Kings in the...

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    Brother Mark

    What is your view of the "rapture"? (moved from BibleChat)

    Thread Starter: Brother Mark

    Taking a poll to see what people here believe. In my life, I've had two different views of the rapture and am beginning to change my mind again to a third view. I am curious as to what people believe. In the "comment section", I would be curious...

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    Please pray for my unborn baby

    Thread Starter: Mumtomany

    Hello, please could you pray for my unborn baby. I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. We have not shared with family & friends our pregnancy. I have just turned to the Lord recently after many years away from him, my husband is not Christian & I do not...

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    Pastor Resigns, Church Disbands.....

    Thread Starter: Jake

    A few attempts have been made prior to this post to various people in hopes to reach out for "wise counsel", and I've concluded, either 1). it makes people uncomfortable or 2). they have no idea what to say, so I am here to see if anyone has any...

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    Bible life blog 5.

    Winter and prophetic remembrance. This is a link for you today. Alan :-) That leads to an audio on Amencorner by Alan. Listening to Luke 6.

    Yesterday 08:17 PM

    Bible life blog 4.

    The King. Hello ... this is my opening word an audio on Amencorner by Alan ... a short story for you to consider. Listening to Luke 5. Alan:-)

    Nov 19th 2014 08:56 PM

    Bible life blog 3.

    Message 2. Hand of God. (Proverbs 9:10) Hello I would like to share an audio with you as a follow up to a message ..Hand of God ... on Amencorner by Alan. Listening to Luke 3. Alan :-)

    Nov 15th 2014 03:46 PM
  • Polls

    What do you believe about the rapture? (Votes: 27)

    1. I believe God will remove the wicked and leave the saved upon his second coming. (Votes: 5)

    2. I believe in a rapture where God will remove the saints but leave the wicked to judge later. (Votes: 5)

    3. God will remove the saints then immediately come down to judge the wicked. (Votes: 9)

    4. None of the options describe what I believe or I don't know. (Votes: 8)

    who was first to preach eternal security? (Votes: 11)

    1. satan (Votes: 6)

    2. early church fathers? (Votes: 0)

    3. prophets? (Votes: 3)

    4. paul? (Votes: 2)

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