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    Rev 11 & Rev 13..one 42 month period or two 42 month periods?

    Thread Starter: divaD

    Personally I tend to think there are two 42 month periods. But is this correct is the question? Revelation 11:1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and...

    Last Post By: DurbanDude Today, 09:22 AM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: âmeperdue

    This is feeling so bad....it is like dumping your feelings into an empty well. And hope something will return ... There is no guidance for what is appropriate and what not. So if my .. Being here is not a good thing just delete the profile .....

    Last Post By: jayne Today, 08:28 AM Go to last post
    Tony P

    Warning at the end of Revelation

    Thread Starter: Tony P

    There is a very strong warning at the end of Revelation. There are a couple of different version depending on the manuscript. I will list two of them. Revelation 22:18 "For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book:...

    Last Post By: ross3421 Today, 07:58 AM Go to last post
    Tony P

    Is Job 41 significant to the end times?

    Thread Starter: Tony P

    Job 41 is part of a narrative in which God himself is rebuking/questioning Job. I will not post the whole chapter here. Just a few excerpts. Do you think this has any relevance to the end times? Job 41:1 “Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook,...

    Last Post By: goldenboy Today, 07:26 AM Go to last post

    Christ is Israel's hope, not real estate in the Middle East

    Thread Starter: wpm

    Part of this post was lost in another thread months ago, so I thought I would give it its own thread. Other aspects are brand new and worthy of consideration here by all open-minded posters. One of the biggest difficulties many of us have with...

    Last Post By: goldenboy Today, 06:49 AM Go to last post
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    How does the reign of the Anti-Christ fit with the wrath of God? (Votes: 10)

    1. AC gets 42 months of free reign, then wrath (Votes: 6)

    2. AC begins his reign in the middle of the wrath (Votes: 1)

    3. AC and the wrath start at the same time (Votes: 3)

    4. AC begins his reign after the wrath (Votes: 0)

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