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Thread: “christmas” god new man must have a savior

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    “christmas” god new man must have a savior



    In the tiny town of Bethlehem
    Born in a stable, an infant lie.
    While he slept his first dreamless night
    A whole universe of stars passed by.

    When Jesus Christ our savior was born
    Most of the angels began to sing
    Of peace, and good will to all mankind
    And alleluia to earth's new king.

    There were those angels, who did not sing
    For they had passed through the devil's gate.
    They knew this young lad belonged to God
    And for them salvation was too late.

    So let's rejoice, and sing with great cheer
    That night when Jesus slept without fear.
    For our Lord's birthday comes once a year
    On that night of nights we hold so dear.


    There once was a traveler who was driven out of town
    On his shoulders was a burden that pushed him to the ground.
    On his head was a crown made of thorns from a bush
    And the street was so crowded the guards had to push.

    They stopped at some sandstone at the top of a hill
    There was a round hole the cross would soon fill.
    They made him lie down upon that wood cross
    There they nailed him to prove who was boss.

    The beam was up-ended by the muscles of men
    As it plunged down the hole it was carved to fit in.
    Then Jesus looked up at the lightning that flew
    And cried, "God, My Father, they know not what they do."

    They crucified our Lord as his blood flowed to earth
    If inside you believe, you feel what love is worth.
    They wrapped him in loincloth when he was taken down
    Then carefully removed his scarlet stained crown.

    They placed him in a cave with a large, round, stone door
    Before sealing forever, they lay lilies on the floor.
    Though it wasn't very long, and the stone was rolled away
    For Jesus resurrected, to rise on Easter Day!


    Husbands with ladders hang lights on their home
    As all who have no one feel sad and alone.
    The churches are full of the faithful that sing
    For the birth of our Lord, is a spiritual thing.

    The sound of Christmas sweetly fills the air
    While frantic shoppers hustle from here to there.
    The windows of storefronts at this time of year
    Reflect all their wonders as Christmas draws near.

    Little ones stand looking with their nose pressed to glass
    As model trains on display come speeding past.
    The path to Santa is lined with girls and boys
    With a list in their heart of their favorite toys.

    The stores shelves are crammed with dolls that crawl or walk
    Games, cars, trucks, planes and stuffed toys that sing or talk.
    The miracle of Christmas comes once a year
    When all that we love seems more precious and dear.

    By Tom Zart

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    Hello - I had a look at your one link, and I read some of your other poems - wow, you have really written many, including poems on nature.

    I really like your poem titled "POETS ARE THE BELL RINGERS OF THE SOUL"; it is lovely.

    I also enjoyed reading your Christmas poems posted here, but I think you meant to say 'Christmas" God knew man must have a Savior" (changing new to knew).

    Thank you for sharing these lovely poems with us.
    God bless.
    Jeremiah 29:11
    "For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." (NASB)

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    I enjoyed your poems very much. God bless

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    Thank you for your helpful reply.

    Tom Zart

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