Just an old country preacher is all I see,
without a doctrite or pedigree,
but yet one who without a doubt is gifted.

One who preaches as though he is sent,
to tell the lost everywhere to repent,
so that from a life of sin they may be lifted.

One with compassion for others yet in their sin,
praying that they might all be born again,
doing all he can to tell them the gospel story.

He's not seeking fortune nor fame.
It matters not who knows his name.
He's just trying to please the Lord of Glory.

He has a message and a poem to boot.
He's loaded to the gills and ready to shoot.
When he opens his Bible sinners get real nervous.

Some of the saints cry while others shout,
and Satan drops his ugly head to pout.
But he's just glad to be in the Lord's service.

He is crying loud and sparing not.
He is preaching hard and preaching hot,
doing all he can to set the captive free.

Whenever I pause at him to look,
with his head burried in the Book,
its just a country preacher that I see.