Hello everyone,

I need some help, or, more specifically, answers that will help me. I am going through a stage in my life where I am looking for an answer. An answer to what you may ask; well, an answer to how we became, and at the moment, I believe we will probably never know. However, some background first.

I was brought up Greek Orthodox. I went to a Catholic School, Marist Brothers. I grew up knowing one God. Over time though, he changed. At school, he was a God who could send you to eternal hell if bad. As the years passed, his image changed to that of a caring God. In the bible, one could be struck down for collecting sticks on Sabbath.

I am at a cross roads in this time of my life. As I grew, and was taught through my parents to think for myself; and as I studied the sciences, I could not help but question God and any type of religion. I really fought against this, as I was brought up to believe in God - but what could I do? On one hand I had a book, the Bible, which told me certain things, and on the other, I had logic and actual proof of studies [such as evolution of man etc].

I have some questions that nobody who is religious can answer, and, by answer, I don't mean the easy way out, such as, "It's the devil at work" and it's a "conspiracy". That is just plain stupid. You know it and I know it.

Firstly, I would like to know where cave men, AKA, Neanderthals or Cro-Magnon fit into the Bible and mankind. Can any religion explain these humanoids, who where capable of creating fire, art [cave paintings], fashioning tools and wear clothes? There are hundreds of fossils, skeletons located in primitive clothing near camp fires etc? Carbon dating places those wearing clothes about 107,000 years ago. Some claim that carbon dating is inaccurate. Carbon dating is not inaccurate, however, if it was, it could not be 101,000 years inaccurate to fit into the Bible's teachings that man has been around only 6,000 years.

Secondly, why does God favour the one section of the Jews? Why did he not show himself also in Asia, Africa or even Australia to the Aboriginals? Why did he choose one little pocket and just a small group of people? Why not talk to all?

Thirdly, DNA is made up of 80 to 90% junk DNA. There are parts of DNA that contain the growth of our tail. Our bone structure shows we had tails hundreds-of-thousands of years ago. Why would our DNA hold such instruction if we didn't evolve? Some scientists believe that this DNA information has not been discarded but stored in case of further requirement or evolution. There are many examples such as the tail DNA to read about.

And more...

Dinosaurs? Were they part of the animal kingdom created by GOD?

The Arc: An Arc the size of three football fields could not hold enough people to care for the rescued animals, let alone the animals themselves. It is an impossibility. It is estimated that living species range from 10 to 100-million species. That's a lot of animal catching. What about storing the food required to feed them? What about afterwards? What would they eat? How did Moses walk to Africa, Australia etc to catch tigers, rhino's, koalas, elephants, and insects? What about locating and catching beetles? There are 2-million species of beetle alone? Imagine the people required to take care of them.

Some might say that the story is just a parable. I don't accept that all of a sudden, as science broadened that people can all of a sudden alter what is in the Bible by claiming a story that does not make sense as being a "parable".

At the moment I am Agnostic, meaning, I don't think we will ever know. I believe that there is a higher creator through reading Quantum Mechanics and Astronomy etc. I do not believe in a personal God or any religion on the planet today. This saddens me, because I feel as though I have lost something that has kept me hoping. If anything, I wish there were a God, however, logic and the gaping holes in the Bible keep me from being there.

I hope this does not turn into some type of bashing thread, but a discussion that might help me to understand life a little better.

Thank you for your time and input in advance.