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Thread: Waiters Wash Hands from dirty plates?

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    Waiters Wash Hands from dirty plates?

    Do waiters wash there hands everytime they touch the dirty glasses and dirty plates they collect each time?

    When you think about it; the waiter has to make many frequent trips to collect dirty glasses which they put there fingers in the dirty glasses and dirty plates then return to new customers to serve them new food; Can you imagine them washing there hands every single time they touch dirty plates; before they serve fresh food?

    I was at a buffet and i notice someone order food insted of having a buffet; he was prob thinking jolly i prefer to order insted; he seem that type; anyhow I notice the waiter collect dirty plates and came back with hes new lunch plate from the food collection point; hence no washing waiters hands.

    So that means that new customer was served food from a waiter who touch dirty plates, glasses and served him hes meal without washing there hands.

    How do you feel about that? would you mind that?

    Is there a rule? a code of conduct? that they have to follow that says they have to wash there hands each time before they serve new food to new customers?

    Did you as a waiter?

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    PeterJ I'm not sure if you're entirely random or if you sit and think about this stuff all day...

    you're one of the most pinball-esque posters i've ever seen.

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    Thanks am observance like that

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    You bring this up when I am so freaked sometimes and try to ignore it.

    Like go to peoples house and use the powder room and there is absolutely no soap or no hand towel so you know they don't wash their hands!

    Or they come to your house and use the powder room and when they leave, sink is dry, handtowel is dry.....................Yikes!

    Or when you go to a restaurant to eat and watch people come out of stalls all the time and not wash hands, then you wash hands and go to leave and it is a pull open door not push open!!


    And bowl of mints at front door with no spoon - will you dare touch them when you saw three people leave restroom and not wash hands??!!

    Yuck! Hubby opens milk jug and just takes a swig!! Can't drink milk at anyones' house cause of this!! (Not even my own!)

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    I've worked several years in food service, and at some places, I won't say which ones, you'd be lucky if that's the worst thing that happened. Others, are very clean and great to go to. Again, I won't go into where you should/shouldn't go, because different restaraunts are better or worse in different places.

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    I worked in a cheese factory one summer and they were fanatical about us washing our hands on the factory floor, even if we'd just been to the bathroom and washed our hands before the shift. I've never done waitressing, so I don't know about that; I suspect it doesn't happen, but I tend not to think about stuff like that.

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    In my experience working in restaurants, the servers did not wash their hands after picking up dirty plates. It's gross.

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