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Thread: How many visions are in Daniel 7?

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    How many visions are in Daniel 7?

    What would you say?

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    The correct answer is????


    And in two of them Daniel saw horns.

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    Re: How many visions are in Daniel 7?

    i just love these verses , they are so relevant for today

    DANIEL 7;13-14 The son of man is JESUS and he has been given rulership dignity ,and kingdom .

    and it was THE ANCIENT OF DAYS who gave it to him .

    and the ANCIENT OF DAYS is the most high psalm 83;18

    yes, GODS SON JESUS has the legal right to kingship

    KISS THE SON psalm 2;12

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    Re: How many visions are in Daniel 7?

    This is quite an old thread that we are stirring up here. Which means we should move on
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    Twelve is the number of government. Thus, it is quite apropos that I am on my way towards wielding the power of twelve bars - each bar like, say, a tribe.....or a star.....or, maybe an apostle. A blue apostle. Like apostle smurfs. Does anyone remember smurfs? And all the controversy about them being from the devil? It's probably bad that I juxtaposed "apostle" and "smurf" in the same sentence. But then, I probably lost you at "blue apostle". Yes, my friends, this is what "rare jewel of a person" is actually implying. "Rare Jewel of a Person" really means, "Potentially Insane".

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