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Thread: .htm covers my desktop

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    .htm covers my desktop

    I downloaded the HTML BIBLE and now every time I start the computer, my desktop is covered with .htm files.
    I end up spending 5 minutes gathering all of them.
    How do I keep it from doing this?
    Thank you

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    The Bibles you downloaded are intended to be unzipped to a folder, not your desktop. They are meant to be uploaded to a website. There are 1189 files. There's a big warning on the site but I guess you missed it. For your PC, what you want are the files in Windows Help format (.CHM): 1 Bible = 1 file.

    You will need to manually select as many files as you can (put a box around them with your mouse) and delete them. Then right click on your desktop and select "arrange icons" to get the ones that fell off the screen onto it and repeat the process until all are gone.
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