(A 2nd Revision)

Perfume found in flowers a pleasure
savoring a rose is a treasure.
Vivid images that tickle and tease,
clouds that gather in simple ease.
The fluttering Butterfly lands on a flower
as the dog pursues the cat into the tower.

Mother Nature came by for a visit,
the picture she paints is exquisite.
A sky over mountains covered in snow,
the sun beats down and waters flow.
Across the world a vast region of the desert,
where the mirage of a lake does taunt and divert.

New life rises early in the spring,
then in comes summer to do its thing.
Soon autumn leaves fall as they scatter,
winter comes and makes teeth chatter.
It can stir the air with a very chilly breeze.
At twilight, entertains us out of the deep freeze.

God gives it a purpose to survive
a gift from the creation that does thrive.
No other power on earth can equate,
a purpose no man can dictate.
Origins exist since the beginning of time
in echoes of thunder over mountains, we climb.

By Bootie