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Thread: Conservative and/or Christian women's novels -- any recommendations?

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    Same kind of different as me.
    Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent

    This is an excellent read on just how God is always working around us.
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    I read The Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg which CC recommended to me some time ago. Really enjoyed it especially since I love anything about animals and especially birds. But the people are so heart warming in this story too.

    I would like to suggest Monday Morning Faith by Lori Copeland. This is a Christian novel written by a Christian is the love story of a small town doctor and the town librarian who go on a missionary journey to serve in the jungle of South America. Terrific story of love, faith, obedience, and finding out who we really are in Christ. Couldn't put it down.
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    laurainne snelling books are good

    she has a historical fiction series called Red River of the North - there are several volumes in this series. she also writes current fiction. The Healing Quilt is one of my favorite books. It deals with cancer, death, friendship, and other current issues.

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    You ladies might REALLY laugh at me but one of my favorite Christian fiction authors is Grace Livingston Hill. She wrote about 100 novels from 1918 - 1949. They are mostly set in the '20's, '30's and '40's. I own most of her books.

    They are a breath of fresh air compared to the chaotic world we live in today. Mostly young women finding their place with the Lord. I love her books. Very conservative and usually contain the gospel message. The descriptions of the social customs, mores and speech of the early 20th century is fascinating to me.


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    I am currently reading the Shack, also Tolkien's The Hobbit. I've been told that Tolkien was a Christian author (not sure if that's true?)

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    I have always loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and had heard there was a supposed Christian background, but never saw it myself. But then I finally read his book that is the background mythology for the world he created in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, called the Silmarillon, and he definitely draws very heavily from the Bible. He created a whole mythology that was about God creating a beautiful world, and sin entering and corrupting it. Of course the context is of Elves and Dwarves and such. But it is a very interesting read. You might want to read it sometime, and then re-read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings and see how your opinions of them change. Tolkein was close friends with C. S. Lewis, and apparently helped lead Lewis to Christ. (At least that's what I read about him awhile ago on Wikipedia, which can't always be trusted. I am interested in the both of them, and so may do some further reading about them someday, and learn more about who they were as Christians.)
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    For romance novels I love the Steeple Hill "Love Inspired" series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeCat View Post
    Two of my favourite authors are Jan Karon (the Mitford Years series) and Fannie Flagg (Welcome to the World, Baby Girl.... Redbird Christmas.... etc). Jan Karon's specifically a Christian writer, definitely amusing work and mostly for women I'd say, although a few men like her work. Flagg's funny and a bit more irreverent, but there are Christian values in her works, too. I was wondering.... do any of you like either of these authors?
    I don't mean to be awkward but Fannie Flagg is a self-proclaimed "lesbian", so I would not suggest reading her books anymore if you want good Christian values.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeCat View Post
    heartwarming, a bit of humour, small-town life, faith, life lessons..... ... can you recommend any other writers that fit this sort of 'profile'? I usually get talking to older ladies on city busses, as they're the ones mostly reading Flagg and Karon but so far, no excellent other recommendations.

    Basically, I am looking for chick lit with conservative values.

    Thanks in advance!
    Lots of great ideas in this thread, and from what you describe, you would love a book I just found, brand new on amazon. It's called Blue Bells of Scotland, by a new author, Laura Vosika. It is not overtly Christian, but there are obvious underlying Christian themes, one of the characters is very devout (we see the contrast in how he and his look alike live their lives and how their actions affect others). The book is billed, also, as a story of redemption.

    It's a historical fiction/ time travel adventure, set in both present and 1300's Scotland, in which two look alike men switch places in time. I am loving it, loving the settings and descriptions, loving the history, loving the characters. And it definitely has those conservative values. I feel like it really has a message without preaching.

    Now I'm off to look into some of the books suggested here.

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    I second the Lori Wick, Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury and Lawanna Blackwell recommendations and add: Catherine Palmer, Robin Lee Hatcher, Liz Curtis Higgs, Cathy Marie Hake, Deeanne Gist, Mindy Starns Clark and Ted Dekker.
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    For casual reading I like Lori Wick. Sophie's Heart and Pretense are my favorite of hers. My sister enjoys Christina Kingston which is saying a lot, she's not much of reader while I can spend hours between pages.

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