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Thread: Wake up Smell the Coffee' Coffee Cat?

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    Wake up Smell the Coffee' Coffee Cat?

    Has anyone told you to wake up in real life and smell the coffee?

    What does it mean when someone says to you to wake up and smell the coffee when theres no coffee there?
    Does it mean to check the current issue whats realy going on?

    I still dont get it or what it has to do with coffee? do you?

    Do you like to smell the coffee?
    Do you think Coffee cat was told to wake up and smell the coffee?

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    It basically means to face reality.

    I'm sure Coffeecat has been told that. It's a pretty common expression, and it's just that, an expression.

    There doesn't have to be coffee brewing.

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    I found this on the internet:

    The term "Wake Up And Smell the Coffee" was made famous by a newspaper columnist Ann Landers (famous advice columnist) from her book of the same title.

    More trivia to put in my head.........maybe that's why I have a headache. hmmm.
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    I've been told it, for sure.... and my response has always been "if I have to wake up and smell the coffee, there'd better be some coffee to DRINK, too!" -- and thus I always face reality with a hot cup of caffeine in my hand.
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    I think the person was telling me to wake up and see the situation for what it was, but I would have prefered a nice cp of green mountain french toast coffee....
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