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Thread: Do Angels and Fallen Angels view us here?

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    Do Angels and Fallen Angels view us here?

    Do you think Angels and Fallen Angels watch us posting on this board?
    What do you think they think about us? do the Angels and Fallen Angels try to understand us more here?

    Are they allowed to be here?

    Have you ever thought about this before? because we know 100% God watches us here.

    Just something diffent to think about...

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    I believe angels are all around all the time

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    I am not sure about the power of angels and fallen angels. For sure they are powerful. One thing i feel for certain. They are not a fraction as powerful as God and they are not omnipresent. Only God is all powerful, all knowing, and always present everywhere. D

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    If you mean here,, they definitely can view us. They are not omnipresent like God but they certinally have the ability to interact with the physical world. The bible is full of examples.

    If anything, the devil and his agents would be more likely to be here than a pornographic or other immoral site because he has already ensnared those souls. I'm sure there are many people who read this forum who are on the fence about accepting Jesus as Savor and this is a prime time spot for the evil one to attempt to shift people back into darkness.

    I think of CS Lewis and Screwtape Letters. The closer we get to God the more the demons conspire to wreak havoc in our lives. Thank the Lord we have the Holy Spirit in us to rebuke these attacks!

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