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I am a college student, Law major, and I'm not sure how other Christians deal with faith and doubt or how long it lasts, but I have been struggling with it on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I feel I have complete trust in the Lord and other times I feel He's just not there (particularly when I am learning about homicides, suicides, evolution, etc.). I just want to know if anyone else struggles quite often with their faith possibly on a day-to-day basis like me. Thanx.

Yep, sure do. Personally, I think that any time I'm in a place where I'm questioning my faith, it's growing (more questions make for more answers). Sometimes the season turns to some very difficult questions. I prefer to tell God the straight facts that sometimes I think he's wrong. It makes Him chuckle a bit when I say that, I'm sure. He's perfecting your faith, welcome to the wild ride!