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Thread: Earrings

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    Quote Originally Posted by livingwaters View Post
    If they suit you, wear 'em...I like plain...but, I also loved Dottie. She was such a woman of God and could sinnnnnng!!!!!
    I enjoy her song lyrics better
    I never even would have listened to her, but I received a DVD of hers as a gift, listened to it, and even choreographed a dance to one of her songs....
    Amazing looks for her age ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggindeeper View Post
    THIS is gawdy, in the link below. (I don't even know if there is such a real word as "gawdy. I seriously doubt it. But there should be. It is a word kinda common here in the South. Well, at least here in Tennessee. LOL)

    But we have lots of words and sayings that we seemingly just created out of thin air...we say things like, "She's cuter than a bump on a pickle!" (Who in their right mind thinks a bump on a pickle is CUTE?) And Moms have been heard to say things like, "You better mind me, or I'm gonna whoop the fool outta you." As if we could really whoop the FOOL out of our offspring...

    But, (hopefully this link will work!) this is gawdy.... I wouldn't wear these to a dog fight!
    Oh my goodness! I COULD not wear those...a woman would have to feel like she was balancing on a highwire!
    We use gaudy(which these definitely are) here in Texas,too....and we say "Whoop the tar outta you" our little ones...
    However, to each her own...I am like some of the others...I think the bigger dangling earrings are cute on others..but I choose very simple smaller ones..may favorite pair has 2 small dangling hearts with crosses in them ...

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    I wear huge earrings everyday! Even to work . I dont wear any other jewlery besides my wedding and engagement rings so i figure it balances out but I love fabulous, huge earrings! They make me feel fantastic when the rest of me feels, fat , bloated, and unattractive (pregnant). It really helps.

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    I'm not much on jewelry -- usually all I wear is a watch, and it's functional (a Casio G-Shock digital with a velcro sports strap) rather than dressy. I will wear earrings for special occasions, but I prefer them simple and light.

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    i am an earring freak!!! i have ones to match just about anything! i don't have many gawdy ones but some are probably not everyones taste for sure, my mom thinks some are tacky i think but they are in fashion at the moment and cute! i am all about the coordination!! ironically i am only waering studs tonight! but usually it's something exotic. i have tons of costume jewlery and then i have some good stuff too.... i also have sets and stuff that i pick up at stores on sale or from avon- because i sell avon i'll buy the stuff real cheap.... jewelery is so fun to me!!!
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    I can't really wear costume jewelry because I have sensitive skin, and so the few costume earrings I do have, I wear sparingly. I used to have a pair of cheapo earrings to go with every outfit, but I work from home now and not at a bank anymore, and so I don't care. Haha. I'm a jeans and sneakers kind of gal so I don't wear much jewelry to begin with.

    I mostly just wear my gold or silver hoops or the pair my husband bought me for Christmas.

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