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Thread: Your 1st Guitar?

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    Your 1st Guitar?

    looks like there are enough guitar pickers on this forum for this thread!

    so wax nostalgic over your first guitar...

    the 1st i had was a plywood no-name acoustic with four strings and a missing tuning peg. my 1st electric was a really messed-up teisco. i didn't know much of anything about guitars then, but i know now that the tiesco was not a bad guitar at all, if there had been anyone around in those days (early 70's) in my neck of the woods who knew anything about guitar repair. i have wished often i could find that old guitar, buthave no clue where it went.

    the first fairly decent axe i had was an Aria copy of a doublecut les paul special. being numb and not too bright between the ears, i traded it off eventually for a hondo bass.

    then in the 80's for awhile, i owned a walnut gibson "The Paul". it was pretty good, but i never did love it much, i don't know why. since then, i've owned 3 other les pauls and never could get happy with them - i guess i'm just not a 'paul guy.

    i bought my 1st sure-nuff fender stratocaster in '96. i don't still have it, tho. these days i have a 2008 american standard strat and it's the best strat i've owned, i think.

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    My first guitar was an acoustic made by Cort. Still have this guitar and actually play it every once in awhile. Specially when I want my fingers to have pain after 20 minutes of playing

    I then bought an electric... an Ibanez. One of those 'kits', came with an amp, strap, tuner, picks etc. Still have this one as well but don't play it anymore.

    Lately God has provided for me a Gretsch and the testimony about that guitar is in my profile, under the About Me tab > Interests.

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    The first guitar I ever bought was a Gibson Les Paul Custom. It was beaut. But my guitar was always better than my skills.

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    My first guitar was a Alverez Regent,a cheap acoustic. I learned my first couple of songs on it. Then my first electric was a Elektra Les Paul copy. I have neither one of these now. I now play a Fender Stratocaster and a Takamine all wood acoustic. Those are my main guitars.I have several.

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    Aria classical I bought in 1977 for around $250. It had a spruce ply top, but some of those are of a high quality and sound good, like mine did. One advantage is they don't get winter cracks, which is a good thing up here in MI with my forced air heating. I traded it off for my brothers '59 Guild Aristocrat electric which I restored.
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    Very first Guitar in my hands was a Yamaha Classic S-50A
    My first is a Cort Electric Guitar. Got it about a year back.
    My new baby (2 weeks old) is a Palmer PF24 Acoustic.
    I still lack the knowledge how to play thanks to a accident involving a door and my hand

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    My first guitar was a Stella Harmony bought at a Western Auto store. If I remember correctly it cost $49.95 in 1970.

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    My first one was a Heit classical and I still have it though it needs work ,my first new guitar was a Yamaha FG-335 and my son has it now.
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