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Thread: Tales you once thought be true,but no longer believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reynolds357 View Post
    I used to believe that people were honest. Working as a police officer has taught me that everyone is lying until proven otherwise.
    I understand where you are coming from and I sympathize with your position. Being a law enforcement officer is a duty that's difficult to perform, and something that I personally wouldn't want to do-too dangerous. I tip my hat to you sir.

    Having said that, we still do live in the USA where the law says that we are innocent until proven guilty, and the view that a lot of citizens have is that which you are talking about-an assumption of dishonesty before proof is presented. It leaves some people w/a bad taste in their mouths and a lot of times obvious disdain for law enforcement. I will say, again that's not my opinion.
    Anyway, my prayers are with you as you make the rounds, to help keep this country safe from evildoers. God bless you my friend.
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    Believed for years, because it was what I was taught in grade-school, that Cain used a rock to kill Abel.

    Totally amazing how things like that can stay with you. Nothing too critical here, but nevertheless...

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