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Thread: Favorite Playstation II games( or X-box,Wii,etc.)

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    Favorite Playstation II games( or X-box,Wii,etc.)

    Me,I'm hooked on the fishing and hunting games. I play them constantly.And a Tiger Woods golf game.I've got about five hunting games,a fishing,two golf games,two football games,a baseball game and a war recreation game.I got my dad a hunting game too,and he really likes it.For a couple of guys who can't do anything,or go anywhere,we can do it all from the comfort of our chairs! What's your favorite game?

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    I like to play Pong.

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    I still enjoy playing the Need For Speed games. I tend to get so far and then run out of skill, and don't have the inclination to put in the time required to hone my skills enough to complete them.

    At the moment I periodically while away half an hour or so with a Trade Paint game, where the idea is to disable police cars and escape pursuit. Rather than attempt to escape after disabling the minimum I normally keep battling until either they take me down or I escape by accident.
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    Grand Turismo (spelled wrong i think) was my all time favorite. I spent many hours (more like years) completing the game and then going back and winning 1st position in each race. This was what i did many nights when i was working construction and in hotel rooms.

    Then one day my nephew deleted my memory stick and i have not played it since

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    Well I like playing Rock Band with the family. makes for lots of fun.

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