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Thread: Is Your Home Always "Guest Ready"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by threebigrocks View Post
    Yesterday was carpet cleaning day. I had gotten it all done, and was just standing there for a moment to see if there was anything I missed - and she pees, on the carpet, right in front of me, 2 inches from the linoleum and a foot from the door.
    That ^^^ is why we only have pets that live in cages.

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    But she's cute...
    Seek ye FIRST the kingdom.
    Not second or third, but first.
    Only when all else pales to God, when He receives all glory,
    when He is the source of all hope,
    when His love is received and freely given,
    holding not to the world but to the promise to come,
    will all other things be added unto to you.

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    I am not always ready for guests and I think it is not a big problem bacause we are all people...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Whispering Grace View Post
    I was so proud of myself last night. I had worked and worked in the living room getting it super clean. I even moved all the furniture and vacuumed under it. I vacuumed and cleaned all the nooks of the couch and other furniture.

    Just as I was admiring my clean living room, my 9 year old son came running around the corner with the container of worms he was using to feed our pet lizard. He stumbled and the lid popped off, and worms and oatmeal flew everywhere...all over the floor and furniture.

    I think the Lord is trying to teach me patience!

    O Lord, open my lips, And my mouth shall show forth Your praise. Ps 51:15

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    The kid is spending the night tomorrow! Wish me luck!

    I have been doing so much better keeping the house together, but had slacked off the last week or so. Now, lo and behold, the kid shows up again. Think God is trying to get my attention?

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    I've had a king size mattress and boxspring sitting in the middle of my living room since we replaced ours.

    It's become a comfy zone for the kids to hang out on and watch TV. We were going to get it into storage but ... you know, stuff happens, people get busy and for some reason these things don't turn out as being so important.

    I can't remember a time where my home has been less visitor ready. The really messed up thing (for me) is that I actually don't mind it being there cause I veg around on it watching TV too. Embarrassing. Something is very, very wrong with me. I think.

    "Excuse the bed in the middle of the living room. Um ... watch your step."

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    Mine is close enough that I can get it respectable in 20 or 30 minutes.

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