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Thread: looking for our history

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    looking for our history

    as i've made my return to Christ and renew my study of the bible i realize i don't know the history of the family we've been adopted into. and i keep feeling during my study of the bible i would have a better understand if i had a better grasp on jewish history. so can anyone recomend some good reading material on this?

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    hmmm.... I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for, step, and I wouldn't want to inundate you with too much extra-biblical reading. For the basics, a good study Bible might be helpful - one that contains some overview of Old Testament, Intertestamental, and New Testament history. Most of the really thorough study Bibles will contain such, along with maps and charts helpful to an overview of Biblical history. Another good aid would be a separate book covering the same thing, like perhaps Eugene Merrill's An Historical Survey of the Old Testament , for starters. It's a really enjoyable read. There are some online helps as well, like with Foundations For Freedom, Radio Bible Class ministries, Fishers of Men Ministries (Trinity College of Biblical Studies, though see here ( on non-responsiveness), In Plain Site, and a host of others, that offer online course study including brief historical surveys. There are also some printed staples of Jewish Biblical history, like Josephus and Edersheim (his Sketches of Jewish Social Life is a good place to start).

    Your inquiry may, however, be in making a reconnection more in keeping with modern Messianic Jewish flavourings of Christianity. We've got a few Messianics here who may be of help, but if you're looking to investigate this connection I'd recommend reading How Jewish Is Christianity? 2 Views On The Messianic Movement, Some Messianic Jews Say, "Messianic Judaism Is Not Christianity": A Loving Call To Unity, Messianic Judaism: A Modern Movement With An Ancient Past, Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts: Discovering Their Significance to You as a Christian, and The Fall Feasts of Israel, among others.

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    I have a set of Encyclopedia Judaicas which are about 17 volumes plus annual updates, if one was interested, but are by most accounts the most exhaustive and thorough studies of Jewish history available.

    I'm not Jewish but still find them very valuable in my research into such things as the Masorah (which is why I bought them) and detailed histories of major figures such as Mamonides for example, or major historical developments such as Kabala etc.

    You name it, Judaicas got it in grand style, and minute detail.

    I bought mine used for about $500 as the new sets are quite expensive, but what I was thinking is that you can usually check the individual volumes out from a library.

    One idea.

    PS: Judaica is also a unique source of Christian era information and follows the development and translations of the New Testament is exhaustive detail.

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    those look like some excellent reads listed, i'll probabnly go through those. i guess i'm looking for a jewish history from the building of the second temple to the dispora maybe? not really sure. guess i'lljust go little by little. i just have so little historical knowledge it's sad.

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