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Thread: Today, I'm thankful for....

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    Today, I'm thankful for....

    I wanted everyone on this board to be able to participate.

    Today, I'm thankful for....

    - having a mom I can laugh so hard with I start to hiccup.
    - my grandfather, because despite our differences, I am so blessed to have him.... and tomorrow, I'm going to tell him that.
    - having a safe place to live in.
    - my cat, who is currently slurping my leg. I don't want to know why.
    - love, second chances, forgiveness, and moving forward.
    - the opportunity to be on this forum. The people here make it what it is, and I love it.

    Next person, step right up!
    -- Your ~sister~ in Christ.... a "Kaffinated Kittykat"!!

    ROMANS 5:8. Forgiven. Freed. Humbled. Amazed. Grateful. Relying on Christ.

    Love is not a place to come and go as we please
    It's a house we enter in, then commit to never leave
    So lock the door behind you, and throw away the key
    We'll work it out together, let it bring us to our knees.....
    Warren Barfield

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    I am thankful for this thread being started for one
    2 I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters who are all still living
    3 I have two children that God Has been watching over and Kept safe Many Years and now they can see Daddy in a different light than the used to.
    4 I am thankful God blessed me to to get some badly needed work done around the house today.
    5 I am thankful that if tomorrow gets Here I will get to gather with my brothers and sisters in Christ at my home church to do our regular monthly business and have service afterward and Sunday morning
    6 Last and certainly not least that he saw fit to save me a wretched beggar in his eyes and to lead me on afterward to an eternal home,with all you guys I hope and we'll all meet face to face without differences and probably all off us will be surprised when finally learn the real and correct answers topsome of these questions we debate endlessly LOL
    I was alive without the Law ,the Commandment came sin revived and I died

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    Today is my sister's birthday. I love her so much and am thankful she's in my life.

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    I live in the moment.

    I am thankful for...

    Being young is probably the one thing that I am most thankful for right now. It means that I can focus on loving God and all He is without being distracted with worldly things - money, politics, etc.

    I also I am thankful for finding this forum, since my relatives and friends are not willing to discuss faith with me. I finallly have found a place in which discussion of faith and God is honest and open - not shunned and discouraged.


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    Hot coffee
    Electricity in my apartment is on.
    I have next months rent
    I have a job.
    I have a son

    but most importantly...
    For Jesus...He is more gooder than I ever imagined him being.

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