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Thread: We renewed our vows today.

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    We renewed our vows today.

    It was quite exciting. As part of an ongoing series in church, today that took time during the service to renew the vows of couples that wanted to renew them. It was really nice. At least I got to get my brother to go to church. It was really a nice time. 34 couples were involved. It's almost 15 years for us.

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    Wow that's wonderful! We're only married for 5 years, but because we deal with serious healthproblems we might not make it that long and I sure would like to renew ours too....... we'll have to ask the minister about that.... but I am nevertheless very happy for you!

    Love you,
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    Thank you so much. And I pray that you would both have many wonderful years together.

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    How wonderful.


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    How beautiful, congrats on nearly 15 years of marriage.
    God Bless you both

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    That's wonderful!! And what a great idea for your church to promote. I like it!!!

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    Congratulations! Isn't it a special ceremony? We renewed our vows at 25 years....and it seemed to be even more special than the first time!!
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    what a special time. congrats and may your covenant also be truely renewed with love and admiration from both of you. What a nice memory

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    what a WONDERFUL thing! Congrats on nearly 15 years of marriage, bro! May God richly bless the both of you.
    -- Your ~sister~ in Christ.... a "Kaffinated Kittykat"!!

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    that is awesome. Congrats.

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    Thank you all so much.

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