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Thread: You Rock!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lord<3 You move me. You make me be the better version of myself and I love You. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit at all times God, and just help me. You are my refuge.

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    GOD!!!!!!! You are amazing! Thank You for everything You do!!!
    Please bless everyone on this message board tomorrow night for Halloween.

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I wanted to start my day off by praising the Lord on here...

    Dear Heavenly Father you are beyond my control of amazement. During tough times which feel like a big deal even though there not because YOU are so much bigger oh Lord, you give me the strength to get through them. You take all my worries God and You work them out and the result ends in your promise " You will never forsake ME ". No matter what happens YOU stay the same. Any time of earthly love here on this ear can be taken away but God Yours is there. I Love You so much my love, and I pray that today I walk with You Lord through everything. The ground that I touch I make Holy because I have You living inside me.

    It's in YOUR name!

    I love YOU
    God Bless

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    Thank you. You encourage me. God bless you.

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    Nice. Today I've felt the love of God in my heart, and it feels good. I need it there now more than ever.

    God bless all of you and all praise and glory and honor to our God, our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with Him in the unity of Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever Amen.

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    God I praise you with every word in my mouth. You have been handing me some struggles lately but I am confident that with you present in my life, I am able to overcome anything. I want to completely be truthful God and be pure and simple, and I ask that you help me become that person. I want innocence that people see when they look at me.

    I Love You Lord, You are amazing.

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    Never want to miss out on an opportunity to praise my One and Only, LORD! You Rock... I feel the Holy Spirit moving through me and I feel such comfort knowing Your right beside me! God I love You more than anything, ever. As long as I live, until I get to come meet YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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    Praise God !! thank you Jesus !! Thank you wonderful Lord for your loving kindness towards us , even this day !

    I was down in my heart today but you lifted me up yet again as you have so many times before. I just want to thank you Lord for your amazing love.

    I too long to be with you Lord, so very very desperately, I need you every single moment of every day and I will never be fully satisfied until im in Your arms...forever.

    There is no other blessing that I want more than to be in Your loving embrace Lord, I refuse all others. I will never cease asking You 'cause I have no other requests, no other desires. Please never let me go Lord hold me close to You always, for You are my love and my joy. How long oh Lord, I/we need You so . I LOVE YOU JESUS.

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    Lord, you are the rock I stand on that will never move, though everything else in life may fall away. You gave me eyes to see, and a true sense of you and the meaning of this life I'm in. Your word is my GPS that keeps me on the right road so I never lose my way. Above all, you are completely beautiful!

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    I Love you Lord! Today You have given me the fruit of the spirit God and I just thank You God... You are powerful, sincere, forgiving, patient, and never failing in love for me or my brothers and sisters.

    I Praise YOU!


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    Dear Heavenly Father of MINE!!!( ),

    I love love love love You. To be a child of yours is sooo amazing God. What you do too me is incredible and I thank YOU! My heart is on fire.. it's sparkling Your love God.

    Please God give me the fruit of the spirit too bear.

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    God Your amazing.

    I need the strength for school God... I Love You.

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    Our Life , our strength and our hope is in your Lord ! You are the source of ALL our joy and love ! thank you Lord for your great love towards us!! Thank you Jesus for your blessings! May we return it all to you Lord in praise!

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    God... Thank You. You're ways are transforming me. I feel You in my heart, body, and Soul God. You are more than powerful God... You are incredible.

    Thank You for everything GOD.

    I Love You!

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    You are so unchanging but yet You change everything. You give us all different seasons and You provide us with the strength too get through each one. My heart pours out love for You God. I strive to be a living sacrifice for You God, and I ask that You use Your hands to take out anything negative in my heart, Lord. I want it all for You. You own my heart. Today Lord, I ask that You give me the spirit. I Love You.

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