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Thread: You Rock!!!!!!!!!!

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    I Love You God! I'm on fire for You constantly, and I ask of You that You remain constant in my life !!!!!!!!

    In Jesus Name, Ameeeeeen!

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    You've been throwing me some thunderstorms but I see the light always. You need to guide me God, You need to give me wisdom insight discernment, in every aspect. Be apart of every aspect Lord. Please convict me of my sins.

    In Your name.

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    Lord Lord Lord!!!!!! My Lord, My Love, I Love You. Your Ways are so much higher than mine God and I trust You with everything that I have. You are incredibly faithful, and the point of the matter is You never give up!
    Please God I ask that You mold my Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul into You oh Lord. I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My God.. You are forever great-full. You keep my heart beating in a fashion that is so intense and powerful for Your word. The moments I spend with You are treasured and I feel so passionate about You Lord. You have taken over my life and the past is completely forgotten God. The gifts that You allow my eyes too see and experience God are so overwhelming... I know that You are here with me. Every Second I Hear You through the spirit. Lord I ask that you keep me on this narrow road and keep me straight with Your word Lord. I am burning for You, Oh Mighty God.

    Make a permanent stamp on my heart Lord.. You will never leave or forsake me. I Will Hope and Pray that I do the same for You.

    I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lord Father. Your Goodness makes me fall too my knees in honor of Your beauty. I've received the gift of salvation from Your one and ONLY son Lord. I'm casting everything over to You Lord, I know all You have in store for me is GOOD!

    I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Heavenly Father <3,

    Today I ask of You that You bear me the Fruit of the Spirit Lord. And Help me use that with Your incredible ways. Move through me Lord, Let me feel Your presence. My conscience is now the Holy Spirit God, I know what is for Jesus and what isn't Lord and I thank You.

    Today, Be with me... Work through me... Be Me.

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    My Sister just bought me a little puppy!!!!! I Thank You Lord for helping me cope with the loss of my first dog Scruffina Rose. I feel as if you sent this dog to me from You!

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    God, Your ways are powerful. They are intense. They are by far higher than mine. I ask You to guide me Lord, be my compass. Help me in times of struggle. I want to endure them with the help of You. Take away my worries Lord, and Guide me.

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    I praise God that he has set your heart on fire! Your prayers are such an inspiration!

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    Father God,
    I need to separate myself from this world, God. Ways of this world are corrupt, evil, opposing to the word of You Lord. I need to look ahead to the Kingdom of You Lord and take my eyes off of silly things in this world. Christmas is not about presents Lord.. it's the birth of a baby in the manger. Jesus has saved me from my sins, my evil ways. I want to strive and strive and strive until I can't strive anymore Lord to reflect the way of You. Please Father God, Lead me the way You wish. Your amazement bewilders me more and more of how forgiving and true You are. My journey with you is continual.. I'm not going anywhere. Lift me up Lord in your spirits, send me the fruit Father! I need YOU!

    Thank You for hearing my Prayer... In Jesus name.

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    God! I love You.


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    Lord, My first and My Last... You are AMAZING! This Christmas, your presence and the Holy Spirit was rolling through me like wind. I cannot begin too thank you Lord for the transformation You are orchestrating throughout my body, mind,, spirit, soul. Please God, keep renewing my mind of what I need to be thinking of. Push all evil away from my attention Lord... I am on alert for You!!!!

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    God You are so good all of the time. Whether I am sitting out in the sun.. crying because something didn't plan how I wanted it too be... or just plain filled with the Spirit... You are never changing. Your Love for me only grows unconditionally God and You've given me so much too give too others. I Love You Yesterday.. Tomorrow...Now.. and Forever. I thank You for reconciliation Lord. I leave it all in the hands of You. The most beautiful of all.

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    Amen to that! God is so Good!

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    Heavenly Father.. another day to start praising You, worshiping You, imitating You! I want Your virtues Lord... I need You too guide me on the pathway too You and only You. My heart pumps faster and faster when I speak too You Lord. I know You are with me!!!! I leave time up to You... I'm not anxious to see what happens next Lord... You are forever my provider.

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