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Thread: You Rock!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ecclesiastics 3. Lord Your Time is beautiful. I've given up my ways Lord... let You be in control. It has never been better God. Just because times are good right now Lord doesn't mean that during a storm I won't praise You till the end. In The current situation that I am in, I give it all to You. I've gotten closer too a certain someone by the power of You Lord. The love that You've provided us has been amazing. I ask You that You perform Your will on me no matter what, I know that You will provide me the best. I Love You Lord. Please this week, help me exercise the fruit of the Spirit. I Love You Forever....

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    My Heavenly Father who saves souls. I Love You Lord. Night and Day I want to praise You Lord. I look at the stars and night and realize that You have breathed out them one at a time Lord. I wake up in the morning seeing the sun and know that You have provided me the beautiful sunshine. God, shine Your rays on me...forever. You are the same yesterday. today. and forever. I Love You!!!!!!!!!!! Lord I ask that the Holy Spirit is always present with me God... asking myself What would Jesus Do?!!! I Love You!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dear My Lord.My Savior. My refuge.
    God I ask that I am patient in waiting for Your time. I pray that I seek you earnestly while I watch all of the beautiful blessings You've given me Lord and You work on the circumstances in my life. Keep me strong Lord. God I ask that I don't let the things I used to take for granted go unnoticed Lord. Your presence is intense with me Today Lord. You have blessed me with the Holy Spirit and I Thank You. I ask God, that in Your Time God, not mine, You make everything beautiful. You Are forever amazing. Please Lord, Keep me according too Your Will! I am at Your Feet! Thank You for hearing my prayer.

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    Lord Lord Lord!!!!!! You're amazing-ness surprises me everyday. How Good You are Lord too me, I am so humble too be a child of Yours. Please God, Transform me Lord. Into the women You wish. I Love You.

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    Lord God. My amazing Father who takes care of me. Hold me underneath His wings, and provides for me all of my needs. Lord , I want to pray for everyone in Haiti God. I know that You will work through them Lord but I pray so intensely Lord that You will strengthen their faith through this process God. Let them Rely on you Father, for water clothes food and Love. You give us Your best all the time God. I just pray with all of my heart that You are taking care of the familes over there.

    Lord I pray that with a certain person in my life, that You guide it Lord. Not me.!! It's out of my hands and completely in Yours. I am Yours. Redirect my mind Lord, keep it on YOU! Today is one of those days where I feel like a disgusting human being just knowing how sinful humans really are. Lord, Cleanse me!!!!!! Rid me from Sin, bitterness, anger, wickedness. You are FOREVER mine! and I am FOREVER Yours!!!!!!!!!!!

    Restore, Renew, and Redirect me Oh Father!

    In Jesus Name, I pray!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lord Almighty. First and Last. Author of my life. I Love You. I need you so much Lord. Without You I'm a dirty rag... absolutely disgusting. My flesh, God, is decietful. It is not kind. With You Lord, I am a better person... I am becoming like You. Without You in my life, I know that I'd be lost..dead Sin. Father Lord, Help me with the spirit inside of me. Guide me, Direct, Let me follow. I Love You Oh Lord.

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    Lord Jesus Christ! My Savior! My Everything! You pound my life with Your love Lord... Please Keep on! Your strength is my strength, I am You. Please God, instill me Your ways! Let me be a blessing to others Lord. I want to show them how to get in tune with You Father. I want them to feel what I am feeling. I Love You. I ask this in Jesus Name... Amen!!!!!

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    Father Of Mine, I want to serve You! Only You My Lord! I ask God that today I bear only good fruit Lord, that I keep align with Your will and Godliness! You're divine power God is reigning over me and I thank You!!!!!! I trust in Your timing!!!! Always in Your Name Jesus Christ My Savior!

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    I need You all the time. Not just right now God because I feel like I'm going through some type of trial, but all the time. You are the only one who can give me strength, guidance, and perseverance. Lord, I ask for an identity in You. I need to figure out God who I am with You living inside of me. I thought I new God, but after last night Lord...I don't. Help me, Oh Father.
    I Love You and Thank You.
    In Jesus Name...Amen.

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    Dear God,

    Wow. Father, Today I felt like I became closer to you then ever. It made me question how close I really was to You before? The tears, Lord, were uncontrollable. I couldn't shake the feeling of Your presence God and it felt so good. How Lord Jesus did I even feel close with you before, when I wasn't be me? I was wearing this mask God, to show others how "close" I was to You, when really... I was living worldly with my thoughts..actions..ways. Yes, God.. You have saved me, You have given me eternal life..but How come today all makes sense? It is a shock to me just how close I feel to You right now. My heart is open for You. I want You Lord to come in and manifest my thoughts, future, actions, ways, senses, God into Yours! The ultimate power that You have is unstoppable. All I did was ask today... All I did was turn down all the noise in my life... And You came so clearly. You were simple yet profound. Beautiful yet comforting. I felt Your comfort Lord just holding me. Lord, Integrity and building character is so important to me God. I am young and I want to live a truthful Life God. If someone wants to take a peek in my life at anytime,any day... I will feel at ease, knowing that I have nothing to hide.
    I want to be transparent Lord... See how much love I have for YOU!

    I Love You more than I ever thought I could love someone. I Thank You Lord... For today.

    In Jesus Name, Amen.

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    God! Help me Lord, Help me become closer and closer to You everyday! Reign on me Lord, Your ways! I want them all, not partial, BUT WHOLE! I Love You Jesus, I never thought I could Love someone this much... I love You during good..bad..mediocre times!

    You're Powerful In the name of Jesus Christ!


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    Amazing Grace, that You have. I ask God that You clear the path for me Lord... To completely devote myself to You not only 99% but 100% Lord. I want Your reaction to anger...compassion. I want Your reaction to compassion... sympathy. I want Your reaction to the Lord I want Your ways.
    I ask in the name of God, to help me tonight. Let the spirit flow through my mouth God... Let me have no fear in saying what I feel. God help me figure out whether to send that or not Lord. Only waiting on You.
    In Jesus Name....Amen.

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    You are so mighty Lord. Your ways are incomprehensible but I am going with them every step even if I can't figure out the end result. How do you do this Lord, How are You perfect and great and unchanging but You change everything. I want You to have my heart. Purify me, Sanctify me, and transform me more Lord. Every day, Every Night, Every second I want You! Please, Come! Thank You Lord Jesus for these amazing opportunities You have broughtin upon me. I am happy to serve You in this way and I ask God that I do these tasks with a clean, willing, loving heart.
    Thank You for hearing me.
    In JESUS name. Amen.

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    Praying to You Lord has because excessive in my life. I thank You God for giving me the heart to want to seek until no more. You are intensely powerful and I want to resemble You in my ways. Please Lord let me be a child of You that has value, morals, dignity, integrity. I shine only because of You Lord. Making me different from this world only can strengthen me. I want to be physically pulled from the world's injustices God. I ask You to do this.The day has just begun and I want to ask that today I represent You in no other way. I dress myself with modest apparel, a clean pure heart, and words that only speak wisdom and praise. Timing is all on You.
    I Love You Jesus!
    In Jesus Name

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    Father of mine, Love of my heart, Speaker of my words,

    I thank You. Without You I am nothing. I know You are so aware of that God but I need to remind myself of that every second. I am worth dirt without You Lord and by You sending Your one and only son Jesus Christ to suffer for ME....makes me feel even lower than dirt. I hope God to receive a pure heart and a pure mind Lord with You disciplining me and training me Your ways. I want a life of integrity. I want to please You and only You. Lord You're blessings are there and present...let me embrace them. I Love You Father. Tonight Lord I ask that the Holy Spirit surrounds me. That I am not there to be who I'm not but to be who You've made me.

    IN Your Name,Jesus Christ

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