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    cub scouts

    Does anyone else here do cub scouts? We just started a couple of weeks ago and from a Christian perspective I thought the organization was all right, for example the cub scout oath:

    "On, my honor, I promise to do my best to do my duty for God and my country, to help other people and to obey the law of the pack"

    but then last week I noticed when the boys were finished with their meeting they stood in a circle (like we sometimes do at church) and recited something to the effect of"

    "May the spirit of scouting and the light of Akela, be with you and me, until our paths meet again"

    which doesn't quite sit right with me. What is this "spirit of scouting" - I'm not sure if it's meant as an entity or more like in the "spirit of the holidays" and who is Akela? This sounds an awful lot like prayer to me and there is no mention of God in any of His three persons. Am I just overreacting? Our boy really enjoys scouts, but I feel like I can't have him asking favors from any "spirit" or person other that that of our Lord.
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    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes, my son is a Cub Scout.

    What level is your son? Is he a Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos 1 or 2?

    My son is a Webelos 2, so this is his last year as a Cub Scout and will be moving into Boy Scouts next year. He started in the 1st grade, as a Tiger, so this is his 5th in the scouts. He has a determined goal to reach the the top rank in scouting, the rank of Eagle Scout. Only about 2% of all the boys that become scouts make it to this rank. Scouting has been a wonderful blessing to my son and our family.

    About your concerns, I believe you have misunderstood the meaning of what was said. When they said, "May the spirit of scouting," they were not refering to an actual spirit like the Holy Spirit. This use of the word spirit would be equal to the word attitude, "May the attitude of scouting." Does that make the meaning more clear?

    What is the spirit of scouting?

    Scout spirit applies to how a Scout lives and conducts his daily life. He shows Scout spirit by being a role model to his peers, living by the Scout Oath and Law. The concept of Scout spirit is not based on how many Scouting events or outings a Scout attends, but rather by how he helps bring out the best in others as a reflection of his own character and attitude in his daily life.

    Ok, now who is this Akela guy?

    Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, chose one of the stories in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book as a source of symbolism and allegorical framework for the youngest members of the Scouting movement. It was called "Mowgli's Brothers." We know it as the story of Akela and Mowgli." Akela is the leader of the wolf pack.

    Just as that story says, in a real wolf pack all the wolves look to Akela, the leader, for guidance -- when to work, when to learn, when to play.

    In Cub Scout packs, Akela is a symbol of wisdom, authority, and leadership. Akela is anyone who acts as a leader to the Scouts. Akela can be a Cubmaster, Den Leader, parent or teacher depending on where the guidance takes place. In den meetings, it is the Den Leader who is Akela. During pack meetings it is the Cubmaster. At home, the parents fill this role. You will find the story of Akela & Mowgli in the front of your son's Cub Scout handbook.

    Cub scout packs use an oath called the "Law of the Pack' to show allegiance and demonstrate their relationship to Akela and the pack:
    • The Cub Scout follows Akela. The Cub Scout helps the pack go. The pack helps the Cub Scout grow. The Cub Scout gives goodwill.
    Hope this helps. God bless!

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    Following are some interesting facts about scouting. We received these as a handout when my son first started scouting.

    For every 100 boys who join scouting:

    2 will become Eagle Scouts
    17 will become future scout volunteers
    12 will have their 1ST contact with a church or synagogue
    1 will enter the clergy
    5 will earn their religious emblem award
    18 will develop a lifelong hobby
    8 will enter a vocation learned through the merit badge program
    1 will use scouting skills to save his own life
    1 will use scouting skills to save the life of another person
    RARELY will one be brought before the juvenile court system

    A survey conducted in 1995 finds that of people who were scouts:

    98% graduate from high school compared to 83% of non scouts
    40% graduate from college and only 16% of non scouts
    33% have $50,000 plus income and only 17% of non scouts

    Scouting's Nationwide Alumni Record
    • Of student council presidents, 85% were scouts.
    • Of senior class presidents, 89% were scouts.
    • Of junior class presidents, 80% were scouts.
    • Of school publications editors, 75% were scouts.
    • 64% of Air Force academy graduates are scouts.
    • 68% of West Point graduates are scouts.
    • 70% of Annapolis graduates are scouts.
    • 85% of all FBI agents are scouts.
    • 26 of the first 29 astronauts are scouts.
    • The first man to set foot on the moon was an Eagle Scout.
    • During WWII, 1/3 of the military men were scouts, but they earned 2/3 of the medals issued for bravery.
    • 95% of the original "Green Berets" were scouts.

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