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Thread: Families in Dallas TX area

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    Families in Dallas TX area

    Looking for families, couples with or without children, in the Dallas FT Worth area. If you are outside this area but interested, I can probably get you in touch with someone from your area so read on....

    My wife and I just hosted an exchange student from Germany and it has been a real blessing from God.
    We decided to do this mainly on the direction of God because he wanted us to share His word with others and we are not able to travel on mission trips like many others can so He just brought people to us. Anyway you know that most of Europe’s people only attend church on the holidays as we found out from our German student. He was really surprised to find out we went to church on Sunday morning and evenings, meet with others on Tuesdays & Wednesday evenings. Have other youth gatherings at different times. But all this didn’t over whelm the boy, instead God had plans for him and he was loving the time spent with us and the youth kids and adults at church. It may only be one student at a time but God children are worth it.

    Sorry to bend your ear so much I could go on for hours about this experience.

    We happened to have a couple in our church that I came to find out that they were not able to have kids, but had a love for them and helped out with the youth as much as possible. Praise God they are going to have a child (exchange student) this next year.

    You may ask, why am I requesting this so early if the students don’t arrive until next August. The foundation that we got our student from starts receiving requests from kids in the next month for next year. They are so eager to get the chance to come to the US they apply in advance. When my wife and I looked this past May or June there were almost 3,000 kids wanting placement. I thought maybe the economy was the cause of a lack of families and then I thought that maybe it was the devil putting road blocks on some of these kid to not allow them to come here. Well at least for one young man from German, God placed him with us and we are all better for it.

    Since we all are to spread God Word I just think this is another way of doing it.
    What a easy way to mission by inviting exchange student right into your own yard.
    If you happen to know a couple men, women, families in your church that could let a young man or lady from another country stay with them for several month and teach them the way to become a child of God, what a blessing that would be and all to Glorify God..

    Bless you…and to God be the glory in very thing we do.

    God Bless
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    It is a wonderful message about Jesus's love....
    I'm a Hungarian mother and I have 4 children. I'm looking for a warm Christian family who wants to host my oldest 17-year-old daughter for 4 weeks in July/2010 as an exchange student. She has an opportunity to go to San Antonio for July invited by a Lion Club. But 10 minutes ago I get information about the spirit of Freemasonry of Lion Clubs. She can't go to a freemasonry club, so she will be very-very sad. She is Christian but her faith is very weak.
    Now I'm searching for her un other oppotunity.
    Can you help us?
    I hope so mutch.
    In Jesus's love: Erika Peak
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