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Thread: Praise to Him for an amazing women's retreat!

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    Praise to Him for an amazing women's retreat!

    This past weekend I took part in our church's women's retreat. Praise the Lord, He was so amazing! So much spiritual growth took place, and it seemed like some healing occurred for people who came and brought their suffering to Him. Our Father just keeps showing me how good He truly is! All the praise, glory, and honor to Him!
    If it's all right, I'll also throw out a small prayer request with this praise that the Lord will keep it in my heart to remember what He taught me this weekend.

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    Yayyyyyy!!!I praise Him w/ you! bless youx!

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    This is wonderful news. I'm so glad you were refreshed and renewed and fed.
    Be strong and of good courage do not be afraid or be dismayed
    for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go

    Joshua 1:9

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