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Thread: Please pray for our sister 'Steelerbabe' and her family.

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    Re: May Be Taking Grace To ER


    I thank You for bringing Mary and her family to my mind this evening. Please continue to watch over, and to bless her and her household.

    In Your Son's Name I ask,

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    Please pray for the 'Persecuted Church'.

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    Re: May Be Taking Grace To ER

    Grace Update: I had to take Grace to the ER on Saturday because of severe abdominal on the right side and a temp. of 100.0 Her CT scan and blood work were normal. ER physican thinks it may be an overain cyst. Yesterday she filled the toilet with bright pink blood. Today her temp. is 101.0 and she is still in pain. She has a doctor appointment at 4:45 today. Prayers for healing and resolution are greatly appreciated. Today was suppose to be her first day back to school after a 6 week teacher strike. To say I am stressed and overwhelmed is an understatement. Thanks again for the prayers.

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    Re: Please pray for our sister 'Steelerbabe' and her family.

    I just said a special prayer for you steelerbabe and your family that God will see you through this challenging time.
    (((((a big hug to you!))))))
    There is nothing like hearing the prayer of a little child

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