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Thread: UGANDA - Muslims Attack Worshippers

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    UGANDA - Muslims Attack Worshippers

    On Nov. 1 more than 39 Muslim extremists armed with machetes and clubs attacked the World Possessor's Church International in Namasuba, just outside the capital city of Kampala, Uganda, while believers were holding a worship service. When the church members heard the Muslims outside, they gathered at the front door to try to prevent them from entering. Some believers were able to escape through the church's rear door. When the Muslims noticed one of the Christians taking photographs of them, they beat him severely. Nearby residents eventually arrived on scene and helped the Christians ward off their attackers. When police arrived, they assisted in stopping the assault but made no arrests. Pray for God to sustain all the victims of this attack through His peace and grace. Pray that the members of the church will grow in to be like Christ even though they face ongoing opposition.
    Per Hebrew 13:3 please "Remember those in prison":

    Acts 21 Now they have been informed about you that you continually teach all the Jews who live among the Gentiles to turn back from and forsake Moses...Therefore do just what we tell you....thus everybody will know that there is no truth in what they have been told about you, but that you yourself walk in observance of the Law of Moses.

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    (what is the doctrine of the World Possessor's Church ? It sounds like an odd cult)

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    Lord Please work in this situation.

    Father we call out to You to confound the plans of the deceiver, and to glorify Yourself in this. Lord we know that the enemy is angered by the Worship of the Saints, and that he will do whatever he can to cause it to cease. Lord Please work in this situation. I especially ask that You might speak to the hearts of the men who were not in the service but came to the aid of these brothers and sisters. Lord, I ask that You might cause many souls to be added to Your book of Life by the testimony You will have through all of this. We know that the enemy is a destroyer, and his plans are evil We also know Lord that You are greater, and confound his plans.

    Please work in this, that Your will might be done and that You would glorify Yourself in Your people.

    In Your Son's Name I ask,


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