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Thread: conditions poor for Eritrean pastor under house arrest

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    conditions poor for Eritrean pastor under house arrest

    In mid-October, Pastor Tewelde Hailom was arrested and imprisoned along with nine other believers when security forces raided his home . The pastor, who suffers from an ulcer, was later placed under house arrest. His sister, who had been allowed to take care of him in his home, was recently ordered to leave and his stomach condition is reportedly aggravated by the lack of sufficient food.
    Two men arrested during the raid on Pastor Hailom's house, Samuiel Oqbagzi and Gebreberhane Tesfamichel, have been moved to a police station notorious for its strenuous conditions. Furthermore, on November 7, another Full Gospel Church pastor was arrested and imprisoned by Eritrean security forces. (Source: Open Doors)
    Ask the Lord to heal and sustain Pastor Hailom as he suffers for his faith. Pray for the release of the recently imprisoned pastor and other Christians detained in Eritrea.

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