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Thread: Dickson New Analytical Study Bible

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    Dickson New Analytical Study Bible

    In surfing the web, I've come across several references to the Dickson New Analytical Study Bible. All I can find out about this Bible is that it is no longer printed (last edition published in 1973). I've been unable to determine who owns the copyright (either World Publishing, Dickson, or Nelson). Copies of this Bible, in any edition, are very hard to come by due to its popularity with Bible aficianados. If there are any members out there familar with the Dickson New Analytical Bible, can you tell us something about it and why it is so highly regarded? Thank you. - Ox

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    Yeah, it was one of the exclusive offerings of World Bible Publishers, which was the publishing arm of Riverside Distributors, which was formed out of Riverside Book and Bible in 2001. World Bible was sold to Thomas Nelson in 2003 and Riverside went belly up in 2004. I think Nelson probably still holds the copyright on the Dickson Analytical, although it's portioned off some of its holdings to other companies like Zondervan or the American Bible Society. The lineup of Bibles from World was generally quite popular, though generally most of the line was in direct competition with almost identical product from Nelson. Nelson can sometimes be a little funny about its Bible publishing, and the Dickson was never a big seller for World, but I'd be quite surprised if something wasn't in the works in repackaging the Dickson New Analytical into some new offering. I'd keep an eye our for new study Bibles from Nelson to see if one of them sort of matches up with the Dickson, but I haven't noticed anything yet.

    The Dickson Analytical was similar in style to many of our modern study Bibles, but, if it helps, I viewed it as not quite as thorough as some of the better ones. It was sort of like an advanced Scofield in the amount of extra helps it contained. It featured over 800 pages of study helps, an analytical chart for each book of the Bible, book outline summaries, book intros, a "Historical Study of Bible Translations" (which would now need some updating), a daily reading plan, concordance, dictionary (which was cool), pretty good in-text cross references, maps, Christ's words in red, a ribbon marker, and brief chapter summaries.

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    Re: Dickson New Analytical Study Bible

    My brother is a pastor and he has one. I don't believe he uses it much but he holds on to it. He says it is just a basic and pretty good study bible.

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    Re: Dickson New Analytical Study Bible

    Just found this forum so excuse me for joining an old thread. It caught my eye due to its concerning the Dickson Analytical Bible. I have a lot of experience with this edition and can answer just about any question concerning it except one: Why did it go out of pring in '73? In the last five years I've only been able to track down about five copies of the Dickson Bible. I own just one myself. I first heard of Dickson about 10 yrs ago from an inmate at the state prison where I'm employed. I was immediately impreseds with the Bible and began trying to locate a copy for myself. Since then I seen many copies and watched them sell for incredibly high prices on ebay. If you love studying the scriptures and prefer the KJV, a Dickson Analytical Bible is the best tool you can have.

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    Re: Dickson New Analytical Study Bible

    I have owned a Dickson New Analytical Study Bible for almost 40 years. Although I have other versions, this one in particular is my favorite. The only thing I would change if I could would be to add commentary/study notes within the chapters. However, that being said, let me tell you why this is such a beloved edition of the scriptures.
    Personally, I love the KJV because of its poetic eloquence. It's not for everybody, and I do realize that. Other than the fact that it is a KJV (my favorite version of the Bible is the English Standard) it is jam-packed with study helps. At the beginning of each book is an introduction. At the end of each of the books are lengthy and comprehensive notes including historical facts, extemporaneous history, etc. And, for me, therein lies the real value in this particular Bible. I have almost as many underlined and highlighted notes within these study helps as I do within the scriptures themselves. Also there is a Bible dictionary, an extensive concordance, and many other helps that you don't find in other versions. Even when I'm studying from another version, I always have this one close at hand and find myself opening it up to read the material at the end of the book I've just finished.

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