We hear all the time have faith in God, trust God or God will see you through. But, very seldom do we hear how to have faith, or how to trust God. First we must have a true understanding of what faith is. We must be sure that we are in faith and not mental agreement or believing. Mental agreement will stay with you and agree with you until the storms in life comes, once you are in the storms of life mental agreement will abandon you. Believing, is good, but, believing is not faith. The bible says, the devil believe and tremble. Because you believe the Word of God it does not warrant true faith.

The teaching that I am sharing with you, have walked me through cancer, one child diagnoised with sickle cell, completley healed, it has brought me from welfare to farewell, and many more storms I have endured and overcame by the Word. (everything that I'm sharing is documented on paper that I share with others to strengthn their faith).The bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge and the other reason we perish is because we don't follow instructions. (to be cont.)