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Thread: Am i wrong ?

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    Help Am i wrong ?

    I have a one year old daughter which i love to the core of my heart but she is little fussy in eating and is very very naughty.(like very) feeding her anything becomes impossible .Tried different techniques available throughout internet and doctors and friends but she is still choosy and fussy.
    This makes me little irritable sometimes i shout,which i immediately regret.My husband is against all shouting and yelling (which btw i don't do often, its a momentary lapse of control).
    He is not being supportive enough and sleeps in different bedroom for his uninterrupted sleep and goes for playing soccer whenever he wants without even consulting me if i want to go somewhere out .He neglects the house needs such as grocery ,fixing things like bulbs,furniture etc.He hardly spends much time with our daughter (although she loves him ).
    My problem is if he is more supportive of me i might not even yell once in a while coz i hate it but snap out of frustration from above situation.have tried to console myself that i am self sufficient and will ask for his help only when utterly needed but then isn't he my life partner, and isn't he supposed to understand my point of view and put forward a solution to it.

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    Re: Am i wrong ?

    Hi teaPea

    I am an not an expert in giving advises on civilian affairs(!); however I understand you need help. Here is my observation on such matters which you may infer for your benefit.

    Your husband is no different from other husbands and fathers available on earth. Usually men are insensitive to such things. Usually the women too match them on insensitivity and together they move on. Because you are sensitive on matters like these; you need to make your husband involve. NEGOTIATE on everything. Make more communications as possible. All these things should be done without provoking the other person into anger. All God-fearing husbands will listen. Others will ignore. Make him aware that you need help. Take him through this blog...

    As far as feeding your baby is concerned... Your baby is no different from other babies on earth. Overconcerned mothers do not allow their babies to turn hungry. Remember only a hungry mouth will relish food. You must taste the food before you feed the baby. You must keep a minimum 6 to 7 hours between meals and only water otherwise.

    take care

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    Re: Am i wrong ?

    It's hard being a new mom. It sounds like you feel overwhelmed and need more help.

    It seems a little selfish of him to sleep in another room and leave you to deal with the stress of things all alone.

    I would talk to your local doctor about your stress at home, and also since this is a christian board ( I am new here ) but I would talk to someone in your local church and see if they could setup some counseling for you and your husband.

    He may not realize he also has to make life adjustments because he to is a new parent.

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