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Thread: Christian man burned alive, wife raped in Pakistan

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    Christian man burned alive, wife raped in Pakistan

    A Pakistani Christian man passed away on March 22 after he was set on fire by Muslims in Rawalpindi three days earlier. Arshed Masih (38) and his wife, Martha (33), had been threatened with "dire consequences" by their employer, Sheikh Mohammad Sultan, unless they agreed to convert to Islam. The couple steadfastly refused.
    In the days before the attack, Sultan reported a theft of 500,000 rupees and, although Arshed and Martha were not named as suspects, Sultan offered to drop the case if they renounced Christianity. When they were brought in for questioning, Arshed was assaulted and Martha was raped by police. Arshed was set on fire on March 19 in front of the police station by a group of Muslims, some of whom were reportedly officers and religious leaders. He sustained burns to 80% of his body. The couple's three children -- Mary (12), Nasir (10) and Neha (7) -- were forced to witness the horrific violence against their parents. (Sources: BosNewsLife, AsiaNews, International Christian Concern)
    Ask God to comfort this family as only He can. Pray for God to heal Martha's physical and emotional wounds in the aftermath of these tragic events. Pray that Mary, Nasir and Neha will look to their heavenly Father for all they need at this time and continue to seek His face (Psalm 68:5). Pray that authorities will act swiftly and justly.

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    This breaks my heart to hear this. I will most definatly keep them in my prayers.
    There is nothing like hearing the prayer of a little child

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    Since 2005 Arshed Masih and his wife had worked and lived on the estate of the late Sheikh Mohammad Sultan. The pressure on them to renounce Christianity had lately become incessant. The owner had come so far as to threaten "dire consequences", to persuade them to embrace Islam. The couple were also accused of a recent theft by the owner who has promised to drop the complaint for their conversion. reports that the Muslim businessman has declined to comment on the crime. However some eyewitnesses have seen him near the place where the accident occurred, but it is unclear whether he actively participated in the attack. Their children - adds the site - are sleeping in the hospital because they are homeless. The mother is still in shock and is unable to speak.

    I pray some Christian missionaries are able to go in there and get the mother and children out. Praying hard for this family...

    God bless
    "People do not drift toward holiness. Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness, prayer, obedience to Scripture, faith, and delight in the Lord. We drift toward compromise and call it tolerance; We drift toward disobedience and call it freedom; We drift toward superstition and call it faith. We cherish the indiscipline of lost self-control and call it relaxation; we slouch toward prayerlessness and delude ourselves into thinking we have escaped legalism; we slide toward godlessness and convince ourselves we have been liberated?" - D A Carson

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    It's amazing what believers go through in other places in the world....please Lord grant them faith and strength at this time.
    Matthew 21:22

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    . . . . for Healing of body, mind and spirit for the sufferers - and for uss the ability to stand firm in the similar persecution that we may suffer before long . . .

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    Please pray for "the least of these" in the Persecuted Church Prayer Forum at top.

    Acts 21 Now they have been informed about you that you continually teach all the Jews who live among the Gentiles to turn back from and forsake Moses...Therefore do just what we tell you. With us are 4 men who have taken a vow upon themselves. Take these men and purify yourself along with them and pay their expenses [for a temple offering],...Thus everybody will know that there is no truth in what they have been told about you, but that you yourself walk in observance of the Law of Moses.

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