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Thread: Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to join

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    Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to join

    I was searching the internet for answers on how deal with a serious situation in my life-and trying to find scriptures that God wants me to know and apply. That is when I came across this forum. I will list all of the many blessing that God has bestowed on me and my family in the days and weeks to come as they are so numerous that it would take some time.

    Most recently however, God has been showing me how to let go and allow him to do what is required. I have a propensity to try and fix things and make things better, and He is trying to show me that ONLY he can fix this issue and that no matter what I do, think or try, I will not be successful. This is hard thing for me to do but I know that it is the most logical and sound thing for me to do. It has been difficult but He has assisted me at getting better doingit. I was also a little angry with God because I felt that as a good christian, someone who endeavoured at being nice, doing good deeds etc, I had a right to be protected from bad things- this past few days have shown me how wrong I was. I don't deserve anything from GOD, I did not earn anything , I do nothing for him, I am nothing and that anything that GOD has done for me is from his Grace, not my actions. He loves me despite my shortcomings and because of them possibly. He wants me to allow him to show his grace and mercy to me and more importantly , to others. He loves me and I feel so humbled and overjoyed by the fact that HE loves ME

    Sorry for the ramble - but did you know, GOD loves ME

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    Re: Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to join

    Welcome to the forum taebochick. We're so glad to have you here.

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    Re: Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to join

    Greetings, taebochick, and welcome to the board. I greatly enjoyed your intro and testimony.

    Looking forward to your presence with us.

    See you around the place, and Lord Bless

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    Re: Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to join

    Well Hi and welcome to the forum. Great intro! Can't wait to get to know you more in the boards.
    "The greatest single cause of atheism in the
    world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus
    with their lips then walk out the door and deny
    Him by their lifestyles. That is what
    an unbelieving world simply
    finds unbelievable."

    ~ Brennan Manning

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    Re: Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to join

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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