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Thread: He Came To Me

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    He Came To Me

    He came to me

    He came to me with gentle voice,
    With lovely tones I did not here,
    For I was living for myself,
    Something stopped my hearing ear.

    He came to me with voice more stern,
    Like a loving Father to an erring child,
    But I just scorned his foroughed brow,
    And continued down my path so wild.

    He came to me with little switch,
    From garden where we oft would talk,
    My hide was tough from calous ways,
    And the little switch ner changed my walk.

    Then he carried me, the wayward sheep,
    Upon his shoulder to a hill,
    And there I gazed on yonder cross,
    My heart with shame did suddenly fill.

    I then fell down upon my face,
    And wept great tears for my wicked way,
    And asked him for his pardoning hand,
    Twas then I heard the Master say,

    "My child my love for you is great,
    I can forgive and grace impart.
    But you must choose to walk with me,
    And keep a tender listening heart."

    Oh Lord! Let me not turn again,
    And make the world's song my choice,
    Instead let me, thy little sheep,
    Only hear my Shepherds voice.

    Bro. Ben

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    Re: He Came To Me

    Your poem is so beautiful.
    I am grateful to Christ for His mercy and forgiveness.
    Thanks so much for this blessing, T

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