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Thread: But Heíll give you what you need.

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    But Heíll give you what you need.

    When you look over your life
    Green meadows, sunshine and rain,
    You can see His hand in it all
    Through rainbows, tears and pain.
    When storm clouds filled your sky
    And His face you couldnít see,
    Faith always brought you through
    And His rainbow celebrated the big ďVĒ.
    The storms donít come from Him
    But the shelter His love provides,
    Is always there to see you through
    When faith, hope and love abides.
    But the Father is not some magic genie
    Put there at your beck and call,
    To fulfill all your foolish desires
    Like shopping at some online mall.
    His love is bigger than the sky
    And since He sees everything itís agreed,
    He doesnít always give you what you want
    But Heíll give you what you need.
    © Jim Ness Ė 2009

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    Re: But Heíll give you what you need.

    This is so true, and encouraging.
    Thanks for this blessing.

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