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Thread: He'll Comfort and Encourage

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    He'll Comfort and Encourage

    Burdens of life can be heavy
    Especially if we carry them alone,
    Thinking it shows our worthiness
    That we can stand on our own.
    Yet if we turn it over to the Father
    Who’s power and love are unending,
    Willing to lay it all in His hands
    And answers to life He’ll be sending.
    Laying our burdens at His feet
    And feel the peace only He can give,
    Alive in the hope of each new day
    And His joy in our life to live.
    Each day He gives us two choices
    The first is to do it our way,
    But we’ve tried and we know how it ends
    No matter how hard we try each day.
    The second choice is a lot easier
    Yet we find its so hard to let go,
    Lay it all in the hands of the Father
    And peace and joy we’ll finally know.
    © Jim Ness - 2009

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    Re: He'll Comfort and Encourage

    Just what I needed to hear, and you said it so well.
    Thanks and God bless, T

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